The cross country course at Cave Creek Golf Course is not kind.

It has rolling hills, tough washes and a downhill finish until the homestretch that seems to always remain in the distance to those finishing up the season at the state meet.

Personal records are hard to come by on the difficult track, but the area’s smaller divisions (Division II through Division IV) gave it a shot on Saturday.

"Everything we do leads to this weekend," said Campo Verde coach Josh Applebach, whose boys team won a sectional title and the girls finished second. "The work put in is supposed to pay off now and you hope to have your best race of the year, but it's a tough course. They gave it everything they had."

Here is a look at how local teams and individuals fared:

Division II boys

Teams: Campo Verde (12th), Queen Creek (13th), Mesquite (18th), Skyline (24th)

Top individuals: Omar Lucero (Mesquite, 21, 17:14), Blake Chambal (Campo Verde, 36, 17:30), Tristan Stellmach (Queen Creek, 38, 17:33). Corey Kennedy (Skyline, 59, 17:48)

Division II girls

Teams: Campo Verde (5th), Queen Creek (11th), Skyline (12th), Mesquite (13th), Higley (22nd), McClintock (31st)

Top individuals: Alexus Navarro (Queen Creek, 8, 19:26), Alaina Kautz (Campo Verde, 9, 19:27), Charlene Hamilton (Skyline, 22, 20:21), Tianna Baker (McClintock, 40, 21:01), Rylee Booth (Mesquite, 49, 21:21), Ally Prach (Higley, 90, 22:25)

Division III boys

Teams: Seton Catholic (18th), American Leadership (20th), Tempe (21st), Apache Junction (22nd)

Top individuals: Jose Garcia (Tempe, 69, 18:26), Dylan Kessler (AJ, 70, 18:26), Quinn Burdick (SC, 74, 18:29), Colton Cluff (AL, 83, 18:38)

Division III girls

Teams: Tempe (7th), Seton Catholic (19th), American Leadership (20th)

Top individuals: Danyella Mirando (Tempe, 18, 20:36), Mayley Johnson (AL, 51, 22:09), Elizabeth Lopez (SC, 69, 22:46)

Division IV boys

Teams: Horizon Honors (12th), Gilbert Classical (13th), Chandler Prep (16th), Gilbert Christian (19th), Valley Christian (22nd)

Top individual: Trevor Tam (HH, 7, 17:00), Evan Balizado (CP, 29, 17:38), Logan Pinkerton (GCh, 38, 17:52), Tristan Young (GCl, 39, 17:52), Nic Smith (VC, 56, 18:19)

Division IV girls

Team: Valley Christian (18th)

Top individual: Haili Grossthal (VC, 11, 21:12)

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