Best trophy in sports - the Caballero for the winning the Flowing Wells Invitational.

TUCSON - Coming to you live from Flowing Wells High.

Well, since this one is on trackwrestling anyone who is reading is probably reading it after the fact.

The finals start at 6 p.m.

I should have patented this long ago.

Instead I will keep readers updated as much as I can while also taking pictures and doing interviews.

In other words, the scoring will be a bit behind and there will be some holes (watch the full match at in the days to come) but doing the best a one-man-show can.

One thing to remember the most recent take is at the top.


HVY- Valles (RedMtn) Martinez (Sahu);

0-0 after one

Valles escaped to start second

Martinez called for pushing Valles off the mat


30 secs left in second

Wells that escalated quickly

Martinez DQed

He hurt his shoulder, got fired up, got a little carried away with head slaps, called for unsportsmanlike and then DQed after words with ref


220- Gutierrez (Kofa) Walker (Cien)

Gutierrez escapes to start second, Walker with a takedown at 12 seconds

2-1 walker heading into the second

Gutierrez came  back to win it 5-4


195- Porter (DV) Tiley (Marana)

Porter escapes to start the second period and then its a slick duck under for a takedown near the buzzer

3-0 after 2

Tiley escapes to start third


stalling at 8 secs on Porter

hangs for the win



182 - Barker (CDS) vs. Mansman

Barker controling from the start

Uses leg turk for 3- near fall

5-0 after one

Escapes to to the second

6-0 win for Barker


170- Berson (IR) Stevenson (Tbird)

Berson up 4-2 heading into the tird


160- Konecny (Seton) Graham (Tbird)

Scoreless after one

Graham down to start the second

scoreless still at 45 secs left

headed to period No. 3 0-0

Konecny takes down and escapes off the whistle

Konecny sealed it with a takedown with 5 secs left

3-0 win


152- Hovis (Seton) Wokasch (MtV)

early takedown by Hovis, rode him out

Wokasch takes down


Hovis with inside single at the buzzer 4-1

6-2 after another takedown8-3



145- Taylor (IR)  Andrews (Saff)

0-0 after one

Taylor escapes

restart in neutral at 38 seconds

1-0 after 2

Andrews down to start the third

fans calling for defensive pin for Andrews, instead ref calls volation for pulling head gear.

Andrews escapes appears to be re-engergized by the no calk

stalling on taylor

30 secs left. 2-1 taylor

second stalling ties it at 2

OT here we go. Crowd finally into it

Andrews gets reversal in the second OT

Taylor down trying to score, down 4-2 in the third OT

Granby leads to escape with 17 secs left, restart

9.2 left still neutral

final 4-3 Andrews


138- Booth (MtV) Waltz (MarV)

A lot of good handing fighting, Booth gets the takedown for 2-0

Booth down to start the second

Granby roll leads to escape

Another takedown as booth in control

5-0 with 24 seconds left in second

5-0 after 2

Booth gets two start the third.

trade reversals

7-2 final


132 Kline (IR) R. Farina (CDS)

Preview of state final???

Kline got a a takedown, hipped in on Farina shot, got control for the 2

Farina escape

2-1 after 1

Kline down to start second

Reversal makes it 4-1

Farina escapes, blast double ties at 4

Klines escapes

30.8 left on the restart

5-4 after 2

Farina escapes to start third

gets a double leg at 1:00 for 7-5 lead

restart at 48

Kline tied with a reversal in the final 15 seconds

7-7 OT

A lot of great reaction in the OT, close calls and then Farina hit a lateral with 6 seconds left for the win


126 - Wuertembur (Cib) Salazar (SS)

Salasar was up 2-0 after one

now 2-0

4-0 in the second

blood time for the second time Wuertembur

Still working on his nose.

I dont even want to mention what we used to do in the 80s to stop it when it was this bad

Meanwhile its 7-0 Cardinals

Wuertenburg is 28-2 on the year and finished 5th last year at state

Salazar finished as FW runner up last year

match is stopped.

Win goes to Salazar


120- Bravo-Young (SS) Evans (MtV);

Six take downs for Bravo-Young

12-4 after one

22-8 tech fall

Dont worry Ryan - - wrestled allan Fried, a three-time OH champ and All-American at Oklahoma St. - before there was a technical fall rule.




113- Vega (IR) vs. Nicoley (Clev)

Vega now 130-3 in HS career

Vega got a defensive takedown after a stalemate on the initial takedown attempt by Nicoley


Vega had three near fall

blood time for Vega

Nicoley just nuetral after blood time


Vega pushes lead to 11-4

13-5 win for Vega against Nicoley, who is a two time state champion in New Mexico in the largest division - 6A


106- Otero (Clev) vs. Gerardo (Cib)

One of the items listed on Gerardo's bio - "Crossed the border successfully"


Otero takes bottom

Gerardo gets 3-point near fall on cradle

INternet froze

its 403 with 10 secs after stalling on Gerardo

Then with 1 sec left tagged with the 2-point violation on the stalling to give Otero the win


Introductions going on now

East Valley got beat up - only nine of the 28 finalists from the area.


Nice moment - Ortiz took the microphone and thanked long time 15 state championship coach Don Klostreich and asked for a standing ovation


The hall of fame inductees this year are the three individuals who were four-time champions

Thom Ortiz

Evan Larkin

Kory DeBerry

All three were Sunnyside wrestlers


Two senior wrestlers were given $1,500 scholarships

Marco Dominguez Ironwood Ridge

Trey Waltz Marana Mountain View


Honorary Cabllero goes to retired coach Tom Wokasch of Ajo, Mingus and Queen Creek


Team standings

1. Ironwood Ridge 213.5, 2. Mesa Mountain View 207, 3. Safford 161. 4. Sunnyside 159, 5. Seton Catholic 159, 6. Red Mountain 135.5, 7. Cibola,  Thunderbird 127, 9. Tucson 126.5, 10. Marana Mt View;

11. Corona del Sol 107, 12. Marna 101, 13., Kofa 100.5, 14. Queen Creek 89, 15. Cleveland 88, 16. Boulder Creek, Centennial 85, 18. Cienega 76, 19. Desert Vista 74, 20. Marcos de Niza.


Third through fifth place finishers

Championship results

106- Otero (Clev) dec. Gerardo (Cib), 5-4; Third - Marco Rivera (Tucson) 12-2, So. over Javier Ortiz (Marana Mt. View) 27-5, So. (Dec 4-2) ; Fifth - Aaron Valenzuela (Kofa) 25-8, So. over Drew Edwards (Hamilton) 5-3, So. (Dec 3-1) .

113- Vega (IR) dec.  Nicoley (Clev), 13-5; Third - Vicente Loaiza (Sunnyside) 25-4, So. over Ray Ramirez (Red Mountain) 31-3, Jr. (Dec 1-0). ; Fifth - Bryce Nickel (Seton Catholic) 16-9, Fr. over Andrew Cota (Marana Mt. View) 28-10, So. (Dec 3-0). .

120- Bravo-Young (SS) tech. fall Evans (MtV), 22-8; Third - Byron Finch (Safford) 40-4, Fr. over Steven Santos (Red Mountain) 29-7, Sr. (SV-1 4-2). ; Fifth - Matthew Hernandez (Deming) 27-4, Sr. over Castaneda Gabriel (Kofa) 31-9, Fr. (Dec 8-5). .

126- Salazar (SS) won by injury default Wuertembur (Cib); Third - Stone Crooks (Boulder Creek) 33-2, Jr. over Patrick Klass (Ironwood Ridge) 13-5, Jr. (Inj. 0:00); Fifth -  Dante Ramirez (Americas) 44-3, Sr. over Alex Carrillo (Desert Vista) 20-3, Sr. (Inj. 0:00)..

132- R. Farina (CDS) dec. Kline (IR), 9-7 OT; Third - Paden Mason (Mesa Mt View) 33-4, Sr. over Angel Laguna (Sunnyside) 5-2, Sr. (Dec 5-4); Fifth - Constatino Murillo (Sahuaro) 37-2, Sr. over Tanner Waite (Highland) 20-6, . (MD 12-4). .

138- Booth (MtV) dec. Waltz (MarV), 7-2; Third - Samuel Johnson (Marcos de Niza) 33-6, Jr. over Chance Rios (Safford) 38-5, Sr. (Dec 3-1).; Fifth - Anthony Brady (Brophy Prep) 15-8, Sr. over Chris Hernandez (Sunnyside) 22-9, Sr. (Fall 3:24).

145- Andrews (Saff) dec. Taylor (IR), 4-3 3 OT; Third - Cory Crooks (Boulder Creek) 32-1, Sr. over Vincent Dolce (Seton Catholic) 27-6, Jr. (Dec 5-3); Fifth - Hunter Carmona (Corona del Sol) 30-10, Jr. over Matt Pool (Tucson) 28-5, . (Inj. 0:00). .

152- Hovis (Seton) dec. Wokasch (MtV), 8-3; Third - Marco Dominguez (Ironwood Ridge) 21-5, Sr. over Mason Perkins (Centennial) 18-6, . (MD 9-0); Fifth - Damian Vizcarra (Safford) 32-7, Sr. over Frankie Lee (Marana Mt. View) 28-10, Jr. (MD 16-3)..

160- Konecny (Seton) dec. Graham (Tbird), 3-0; Third - Ethan Lucero (Silver City) 21-2. over Benjamin Peters (Mesa Mt View) 19-11, Jr. (Dec 5-1).; Fifth - Christian Warner (Red Mountain) 32-6, Sr. over George Manyfield (Safford) 34-11, Sr. (Dec 8-5)..

170- Berson (IR) dec. Stevenson (Tbird), 6-3; Third - Mike Escobedo (Tucson) 27-6, . over Kyle Goff (Mesa Mt View) 24-9, Sr. (Dec 8-5) ; Fifth - Jason Moore (Red Mountain) 25-9, Jr. over Joey Hernandez (Sunnyside) 21-11, Jr. (Dec 9-4). .

182- Barker (Seton) dec. Mansman (IR), 6-0; Third - Brock Doolen (Mesa Mt View) 22-11, Jr. over Dylan Benson (Centennial) 23-5, . (Fall 4:28).; Fifth - Kashawn Crump-Valencia (Tucson) 23-6, . over Nick Ruffalo (Corona del Sol) 27-8, Jr. (Fall 2:24)..

195- Porter (DV) dec. Tiley (Marana), 3-1; Third - Eric Mickelson (Thunderbird) 37-5, So. over George Majuta (Pueblo) 31-4, Sr. (MD 11-2).; Fifth - Edward Hercel (Marcos de Niza) 26-5, Jr. over Dalton Hoffer (Hamilton) 4-3, Sr. (For.)..

220- Gutierrez (Kofa) dec. Walker (Cien), 5-4; Third - Gabriel Duarte (Tucson) 22-10, . over Michael Santa Cruz (Corona del Sol) 32-9, Jr. (Dec 4-3). ; Fifth - Dakota Banning (Queen Creek) 11-6, Fr. over TJ MOSLEY (Flowing Wells) 8-3, Jr. (Fall 1:24). .

HVY- Valles (RedMtn) wins by DQ over Martinez (Sahu); Third - Jamar Rowe (Thunderbird) 32-3, Sr. over Storm Downing (Marana) 25-9, Sr. (Fall 1:33); Fifth - Gabriel Romero (Safford) 35-8, Sr. over Alan Gonzalez (Willcox) 24-6, Jr. (Fall 2:40). .

Semifinal results

106- Otero (Clev) dec. Rivera (Tucson). 10-3; Gerardo (Cibola) dec. Ortiz (MarV).

113 – Vega (IR) pin Nickel (Seton), Nicoley (Clev) ded. Loaiza (SS), 6-3.

120 - Bravo-Young (SS) pin Hernandez (Des. Mtn), 2:20; Evans (MtV) dec. Santos (Red Mtn), 10-5.

126 – Wuertembur dec. Carrollo (DV). 4-2 OT; Salazar dec. Klass (IR), 2-0.

132 – Kline (IR) dec. Laguna (SS), 11-4; R. Farina (CDS) dec. Mason (MtV), 8-6.

138 – Booth (MtV) pin Johnson (MDN), 1:18; Waltz (MarV) dec. Rios (Safford), 7-6.

145 – Taylor (IR) dec. Crooks (BC), 3-2; Andrews (Safford) dec. Carmona (CDS), 6-3.

152 – Hovis (Seton) pin Perkins (Cent), 2:59; Wokasch (MtV) maj. dec. Dominguez (IR), 8-0.

160 – Konecny (Seton) dec. Peters (MtV), 9-2; Graham (Tbird) maj. dec. Lucero (Silver).

170 – Berson (IR) maj. dec. Hernandez (SS), 13-3; Stevenson (Tbird) dec. Moore (RedMtN).

182 – Barker (Seton) pin Crump-Vale (Tucson), 2:00; Mansman (IR) dec. Ruffalo (CDS), 5-4.

195 – Porter (DV) dec. Mickelson (Tbird), 11-7; Tiley (Marna) dec. Hercel (MDN), 4-0.

220 – Gutierrez (Kofa) tech. fall Santa Cruz (CDS), 15-0; Walker (Cien) dec. Walker (Cienega), 5-2.

HVY – Valles (RedMtn) pin Romero (Saff), 2:33; Martinez (Sahu) pin Gonzalez (Will), 1:31.

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