Mountain Pointe's Isaiah Pola-Mao makes a diving catch at the 1-yard line of Chandler.

All-Tribune Football first team


Name                    School      Yr.     Pos.     Comment

Brock Purdy             Perry         Jr.      QB       Missed first few games, still threw for 3,333 yards, 42 TDs, 842 yards rushing

T.J. Green               Chandler     Sr.      RB       Turned it on in second half, finished with 2,084 yards, 33 scores

Draycen Hall            Higley        Jr.      RB        Gatorade POY led state with 2,298 yards with 40 total TDS

Eddie Rivas        Mountain Pointe Sr.      OL       Top lineman on 6A Conference’s top rushing offense

Harold Colbert       Chandler        Sr.     OL        All-Conference pick could move a mountain

Mike Young           Queen Creek   Sr.     OL         Big man on ball control offense

Caleb Medina        Chandler         Sr.     OL        One of the top centers in the state

Jonathan Nathaniel    Basha         Sr.     OL        First-team All-6A Conference selection

Max Fine             Williams Field   Sr.     WR       Third-down catches in title game defined career

Nate James            Perry            Sr.     WR       Master of taking inside screen to the house

Lance Lawson        Red Mountain   Jr.      AP       Wind him up, let him go; 2,300 yards, 28 TDs


Name                     School       Yr.     Pos.    Comment

My-King Johnson       Tempe        Sr.       DL      Believed to be state’s all-time sack leader (57)

Kolo Uasike              Skyline       Sr.       DL      Two-time All-Trib pick is hard to handle

Matthew Pola-Mao    Mtn Pointe    So.       DL      Disruptive force is just getting started

Jalen Harris            Desert Ridge  Sr.       DL     Unable to duplicate fantastic 2015, but still dominant

Rashie Hodge          Mtn Pointe     Sr.       LB      A playmaker on defense if there ever was one

Braden Valentine     Williams Field Sr.       LB      Made impactful plays all over the field for state champs

Ladimor Hervey      Hamilton        Sr.       LB      Bright spot in a difficult defensive year for Huskies

Christian Allen        Desert Ridge   Sr.       LB      A steady, consistent force and leader for Jaguars

Isaiah Pola-Mao       Mtn Pointe      Sr.       DB     POY candidate was area’s most dominant defensive force

Tre Bugg               Williams Field   Sr.       DB     Seven picks on season, and 65-yard TD fumble return in title game

Preston Smith          Mesquite        Sr.       DB      Heart and soul of team; rarely came off the field

Elijah Pharrams        Mesa             Sr.       DB      Senior was region defensive player of the year


Name                  School        Yr.     Pos.      Comment

Brandon Ruiz      Williams Field   Sr.       K         Monster leg had 5 50-plus FGs; headed to Bama

Gabriel Ballinas     Hamilton       Sr.        P         Averaged 42.8 yards a punt, with 11 inside the 20

Jaydon Brooks    Mountain Pointe Sr.      Ret        Among the best in nation at 24.2 yards per punt

Adam Bay Desert Ridge Sr. LS Jags never had to worry about the long snap

Player of the year: T.J. Green, Chandler

Offensive player of the year: Brock Purdy, Perry

Defensive player of the year: Isaiah Pola-Mao, Mountain Pointe

Coach of the Year: Shaun Aguano, Chandler – Took a team that was 2-2 coming off a 52-7 loss, and turned the Wolves into championship squad that won its last 10 games by an average of 37.2 points a game.

All-Tribune Football second team


Name                           School           Yr.        Pos.

Mason Crossland              Higley            Sr.         QB

Gary Bragg                Mountain Pointe     Jr.         RB

Jace Koester                  Queen Creek     Sr.         RB

Sean McMurphy                Perry             Sr.         OL

Jacob Barnard              Hamilton            Sr.         OL

Mason Honne               Mountain Pointe   Jr.          OL

Myles Wilson                   Desert Vista    Sr.          OL

Keegan Hornung           Williams Field     Sr.          OL

Terrell Brown                   Basha            Sr.         WR

Johnny Johnson                Chandler        Sr.          WR

Lelon Dillard                   Desert Vista    Sr.           AP


Name                     School           Yr.            Pos.

Brayden Flynn           Hamilton         Jr.              DL

Shomari Hayes      Mountain Pointe    Jr.              DL

Chris Manoa             Chandler          Jr.              DL

Travis Beckman         Perry              So.             DL

Sam Orman             Queen Creek     Sr.              LB

Anthony Nicastro     Marcos de Niza   Sr.              LB

Cutter Hatch               Perry            Jr.               LB

Joe Mask                 Campo Verde    Sr.              LB

Imani Lee                Chandler          Sr.              DB

Kenny Churchwell     Mountain Pointe  Jr.              DB

Alijah Gammage       Desert Vista      Jr.              DB

Bryce Jackson          Chandler           Jr.              DB


Name                       School          Yr.         Pos.

Christian Zendejas       Perry             Sr.          K

Kaden Riforgiate        Corona del Sol  Sr.          P

Leon Morgan               Mesa             Sr.          Ret

Adam Higuera Perry Sr. LS

Honorable mention

Jermiah Boyd, American Leadership; Donovan Hanna, American Leadership; Ryan Kelley, Basha; Gunner Cruz, Casteel; Zach Bowers, Chandler; Jacob Conover, Chandler; Sam Pepper, Chandler; Gunner Romney, Chandler; Cameron Brice, Corona del Sol; Donjae Logan, Desert Ridge; Nick Thomas, Desert Vista; Riley Erickson, Desert Vista; Jack Plummer, Gilbert; Tyler Stevens, Hamilton; Christopher Crescione, Higley; Cade Mathews, Higley; Nazareth Greer, Marcos de Niza; Nami Tuitu'u, Mesa; Wyatt Riley, Mesquite; Xavier Cota, Mountain Pointe; Antwaun Woodberry, Mountain Pointe; Jacobby Dinwiddie, Mountain View; Trexton Bloom, Queen Creek; Riley Pagel, Red Mountain; Sam To’oto’o, Skyline; Kaleb Hardin, Skyline; Herman Flores, Tempe Prep; Josh Alexander, Williams Field; Zane McKinney, Williams Field; Justis Stokes, Williams Field.


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