That's because there is no incentive to vote. You have to give them free food, cell phones, or money as a lure to vote. They will be first in line.

TruthSeeker commented on The Vent: May 12

What was The Vent publisher thinking when they published this comment on the Cleveland kidnapper? This venter is vile and definitely a partisan Liberal. He/she probably holds abortionist Kermit Gosnell, the baby butcher, in high esteem as well.

TruthSeeker commented on The Vent: April 28

To the last venter who questioned the legitimacy of a fetus: Why are you so bereft when you have a miscarriage, but don't flinch when you have an abortion? I just don't understand it. How are these two things different?

TruthSeeker commented on The Vent: March 24

Judging by the comments of the last venter regarding teachers being underpaid, you'd think teachers were the only people with student loan debt. Get real.

TruthSeeker commented on The Vent: March 20

Teachers do make more money than they would like you to think. I know of two teachers who retired at age 53 and are now collecting Social Security at age 62. They admitted that they are making more money now collecting their pensions and Social Security than when they were working. They t…

You want to address abuse of the health care system and waste? I have some rich friends who treat their insurance plans like a timeshare. They refuse to take care of themselves by eating nutritional food and exercising. They'd rather take a pill and/or go to the hospital and let insurance p…

McCain stated that he wants the "11 million people to come out of the shadows." He is more concerned about these 11 million (really 20-30 million) illegal aliens than he is about the 24 million Americans that are without jobs. Whatever happened to jobs being #1 issue? I am even …

When I've left a job, they had me write a letter of resignation or have me sign paperwork to indicate I left of my own accord or else they threaten to withhold my final paycheck. Sort of like blackmail to cover themselves.

Leon, I agree with you 100%. Just like the faux current unemployment numbers though, I don't believe that there are only 11 million illegal aliens living here. I believe it is more like 30 million. The statistics are dumbed down to make it more palatable.[wink]

Where is my rebate for all the "green" savings I've contributed to SRP? They already gave me a "free" smart meter and now SRP is raising their rates to pay for this "free" unit. I didn't turn on my A/C all summer and I'm not turning on my heat this winter due t…