The Shadow

Gary Nelson has written one of the most touching and disturbing accounts of the Holocaust. He is to be commended, if not awarded, for his outstanding essay.

With freedom also come a social responsibility. While the purchase of properties by government officials has certainly been corrupt in many cases, it is necessary for the good of society. When I attend a Diamondbacks game, I often think of the woman who was displaced from her home on the pro…

For the individual who is sorry Mr. Carmona didn't win, please recognize that if he had, he'd be calling his constituents with the same questions. Integrity, or the lack of it, does not run along party lines.

We need to secure the border by what ever mean necessary. I like a fence, not because it is so effective (it has been around the urban California border), but because it would be a symbol of the strength of our nation and our ability to control the borders. The Canadian needs one too.Then, w…

I am not an Obama fan, but this letter is sadly way over the top. The writer did nothing to prove his point his point except rant.

As usual, Joe's out of touch with reality.

Compromise. That's what happened last night (or should I say this morning). Compromise brought our Constitution into being and what keeps the wheels of government going. I wish everything had gone the conservatives way, but sometimes politicians have to give. One of the problems we have is t…

So someone takes the Tequila Sunset Limited. Who drives them home after the train ride?

I'm not a Jan Brewer fan, but we elected the legislature and the governor to do a job. Let's get things moving. This is ridiculous.

Are people so sick and have so little to do that they have to gather outside the court and cheer the guilty verdict? I want to throw up. Arias killed Alexander and will pay for it. The whole thing is a sick tragedy and tragedies are nothing to cheer about even if justice is served.