LinMesa commented on The Vent: Sept. 7

I didn't realize that when Romney said he wasn't going to let Fact Checkers stand in the way of his lies---er, statements, that he was also including his supporters.

It's so nice to know what some of you people think of our low-income seniors. These are the people who raised you and this is the respect you show them. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Don't you know that the legislators are just jealous of the teachers and trying to prove who's boss because even they know that teachers are much, much more intelligent than the legislators?

And you, Mr. Leon Ceniceros, are one of the Republicans I am referring to.

I have a better idea. How about rounding up everyone who voted for this and lock them up for a week and feed them bread and water. Let them find out what hunger is like. We have children going to bed every night hungry and these heartless disgusting legislators want to make it worse. For…

LinMesa commented on The Vent: Dec. 23

Also regarding the 10th vent, in all these Mormom ads their church is running they all say the same thing, "and I'm a mormon". Not one of them says they are a Christian.
Are the ads a political thing hoping to make people more comfortable with the mormons so Mitt Romney can be…

Stop letting people with foodstamps buy liquor, beer, or cigarettes with cash that could be used to help pay for food or other essentials. I saw a woman in a Frys store the other day who used an Arizona credit card and then pay cash for a large bottle of vodka.

Would you expect these cowardly, low life people to pick on someone their own size?

That's why all these little cowards are so quick to pull a gun and shoot someone. They are afraid if they don't they may have to fight them-----or be big enough to walk away.

LinMesa commented on The Vent: Sept. 10

Ventor No. 1

I disagree with you. I met Mr. Lewis last evening when he came out in the rain storm to bring me a sign for my window that I had requested. He sat and talked with me for a little while. I have to say that he is a very nice man, very caring for the people in district 18.…