I wonder why Mr. Arpaio is Campaigning for reelection 2 years before his term is up? Who is going to pay for 2 two years of campaigning? Just a fine? Yep, it smells like a dead rat. Super Cop got away with it again!

If the company is complying with the law and MCSO, Why are they still hiring ILLEGALS? AH, get the work done for FREE, more money in the COMPANY'S POCKET!!

Why should he cooperate, He is the ABOVE THE LAW SUPER COP. I understand there is about 32 MOST WANTED FUGITIVES in or around Maricopa county.
Why isnt he after them? Oh, I know they are not in a drop house.

What gives this person or any private group the right to stop anyone? He is not a federal, state,county,or city law enforcement officer.
His group hasn't been sworn in by any legal law enforcement organization to act in such capacity. He should be charged with kidnapping