Republicans all covet money and power. They are corrupt and have no shame. George Santos is the "new" republican model. "tell NO truths, just keep lying.

downtownresident commented on Mesa OKs 396-unit complex near Gilbert

Developers rule Mesa and the city council. There's PLENTY of water for new water intensive commercial and apartments but not for citizens who have lived here for years.

Hear hear!

Again, I agree with you. Years ago, design review did its job of guiding the council to decisions that were equitable for both sides. Dave Udall, Ralph Pew and Paul Gilbert, fine upstanding Mormon lawyers, among others kept pushing the envelope and now we have developers calling the shots…

downtownresident commented on New police interference city code advances

I see this new "police are kings" law being abused any time a cop gets badge heavy and doesn't want to be caught on video doing something wrong. No! Keep law enforcement honest. Keep the cameras rolling!

Bravo Scottsdale, Boo Mesa. Mesa has a piece of public art, across from SW Museum of Nat History, Polar Bear and Cubs, that has needed new patina for 10 years. Yes ten years, or longer those Polar Bears have been a dingy grey, instead of white like they are in nature. If Mesa is too cheap…

I got censored before when I took MPD to task. before, but I'll try again. Cops are out of control here, and elsewhere. Take their steroids away and scrape all those disgusting tats off their bodies. They look like gang bangers with a badge. I'm serious. Cops and fire fighters are treated…

downtownresident commented on Inflation-impacted city hiking utility rates

This "city" council in mis-named. It is the developer's council, because developers pay bribe to these people ans citizens still think they are neutral. Duff would have us all walk to our destinations. How lame she, and the others really are!!!!

downtownresident commented on Inflation-impacted city hiking utility rates

Same old, worn out tune. The Council, taking large money from developers, we used to call these BRIBES, They are simply still bribes to do developer's bidding and build, build, build all manner of water wasting new developments that "We the people" will be saddled with is a crime! Don't o…

downtownresident commented on Big Mesa water projects face ballooning costs

beefrits is correct. The latest council will saddle us all with the debt, so that they can fulfil their lust for fame as a defender of developers and NOT those of us who pay their salaries! Oh, they get plenty from developers in the form of "contributions" er bribes.