downtownresident commented on Waypoint gets its way with Mesa Council

Neighborhoods all over the city are being forced to live with undesirable neighbors due to the Council's build it and we'll look good to big business and the neighbors "will just have to adapt" attitude. Money talks and people whohave lived here their whole lives suddenly find themselves …

downtownresident commented on Mesa glitter business sees a sparkling future

Oh NO! Glitter??????These plastic particles NEVER go away once spread all over the Earth. Glitter pollutes our streams, rivers, lakes and the oceans! This source of pollution should be BANNED! This is an environmental disaster just so spoiled rich kid's cards and presents will "sparkle." …

downtownresident commented on SE Mesa growth alarms Eastmark residents

Both comments are spot on. Developers lie, period. Once the plot is sold out, it's of no use to developers, so off they go to their next million.

Mesa bends over for developers and lets them make promises they know will NOT be honored by future councils.

And, just HOW will this protect the children, parents, grandparents and other care givers of the children? It does NOT! So, now you have 5,000 kids running around, unprotected. but the teachers are safe? I'm NOT blaming the teachers, they are under incredible stress every day. But, don't …

How can we trust anything that MPS is telling us about school's ACTUAL Coid-19 infections of parents, students and staff. This "school at any cost in lives" position that Ellingson, and parents seems to embrace, fails to take into account the numerous people who are Covid-19 positive and …

I just posted an opinion that was rejected by editor because of non-existent "profanity".

This is abominable and just plain wrong. Your devotion to trump is showing.

downtownresident commented on Mesa senator vows defiance of mask rule

USCitizen411 ;; It must be sad to be so completely uninformed and ignorant of the FACTS!

downtownresident commented on Mesa senator vows defiance of mask rule

This is sheer ignorance and arrogance of the Republican Party in full display!.

There you go. Now the Mesa city council is all white and Mormon, with NO diversity. This looks a lot like Trump's cabinet. I trusted Whittaker to not go with the flow and to ask hard questions.

downtownresident commented on GOP election rift engulfs Mesa lawmakers

I'm not crazy about Rusty Bowers, but, I admire his adherence to the rule of law and NOT mob rule. Biggs are Townsend are both disgustingly ignorant and insensitive to the rule of law if it gets in their way of undermining US Constitutional powers. The Republican Party is the party of cor…