You gun guys kill me!
An assault rifle? Really?
IF you have time to use it, you may miss the perp and up killing the guy next door, or down the street.
Gun use is best left to those that have been TRAINED in their proper use.

Arizona eats their own!

I thought cops carried tasers for this kind of stuff?
What happened, were they left off the chargers last night?
What ever happened to REAL cops using brains instead of guns?
This guy could have been killed.

Herrod is a terrorist with an agenda. Nothing more!

Agreed! Casey says its about "safety". Right, but WHO'S safety. Not the MCSO's.
Arpaio is an ineffective LEO. He panders to his ignorant voter base, while completely ignoring REAL police work. It's a game to him. He's clearly the "worst sheriff in America",......and t…

That "militiaman" was itching to pull the trigger on his newest male extension. I'm sure he's very disappointed. Darn....if that guy had been anyone else, he could have shot it dead and made an excuse later, capping off a rather boring week of hunting Mexicans...but, it was a cop a…

Chatman says...."...Go Joe, enforce all the laws all the time...."
Wow....nothing could be father from the truth. He DOESN'T enforce laws, that's one of his problems. Rather, he has been proven in a court of law that he actually does the OPPOSITE!!
He BREAKS the laws he's…

Arpaio is completely ineffective as a LEO!! He's quite arguably, the worst sheriff in the nation!! People that vote him into office are voting for their ideology, not law enforcement! His followers are more of a cult than anything else.
When you look at Joe's stats, he's the worst. Only …

Joe opens his mouth and stirs controversy. He's an ineffective LEO and should be treated as such. Anyone can do Joes job, better!

Hypocrisy begins at home for R's. do as I say, not as I do