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Valley Christian senior Caleb Shaw and sophomore Luke Shaw aim to continue their basketball family legacy for the Trojans this upcoming season.

At Valley Christian High School, Caleb and Luke Shaw look to write the next chapter of their family’s basketball legacy 

They shined June 18 when college coaches gathered at Court 6 of the Section 7 basketball tournament to watch Valley Christian face off against Dobson High. 

Among those who gathered were Grand Canyon University Head Coach Bryce Drew and assistant coach Casey Shaw, but they weren’t just there to evaluate players. They were there to watch family play. 

The Shaw brothers, two of Valley Christian’s newest players, are Casey’s sons and Drew’s nephews. 

“They’re talented,” Casey Shaw said. “I think they’ve got a chance, both Caleb and Luke. They’re good enough to be college basketball players.” 

Sidelined by the pandemic last year, the Shaw brothers are a key part of a new-look Valley Christian squad that replaces 11 seniors. Coming off a 17-1 campaign, the Trojans are prone to benefit from the brothers’ arrival. 

According to Casey Shaw, Caleb, 6’4” senior, can play both point guard and combo guard, while Luke, a 6’ sophomore, is growing as a point guard by working on his fundamentals and court vision. 

Returning to competitive basketball for the first time in a year, Caleb and Luke are following in the footsteps of a well-known basketball family. 

Their mother Dana, a member of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, is the sister of Bryce and Scott, the head coach of reigning national champion Baylor University. 

Her father Homer Drew coached Valparaiso for 22 years and was admitted to the College Basketball Hall of Fame for winning 640 games. 

“We do follow them in basketball in every chance we can get,” Homer Drew said. “Since we moved out here all of us a year ago, we’ve seen quite a few of their games. I’ve really enjoyed the improvement both by Caleb and Luke.”

“They keep getting better and better, which is wonderful to see being a former coach and also being their grandparents.” 

Both Casey, drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in the second round of the 1998 NBA Draft after playing at Toledo, and Dana, an All-American point guard for the Rockets, played overseas during their childhood. 

As the brothers watched Casey’s games from the stands, they started to take up the game at home.

They had numerous people to learn from. 

In addition to their parents, Bryce Drew provided insight on taking shots from his six-year NBA career and work with current San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Chip Engelland. 

Homer Drew taught them various aspects of the game including shooting, defensive footwork and offensive performance. 

Casey Shaw credits his sons’ love of basketball to being around it from a young age and the success of family members on and off the court. 

As his sons became serious about basketball, Casey Shaw hit the gym to work on shooting, ball handling and other skills. 

Whenever they visited Homer Drew, the brothers took part in dribbling and shooting workouts, as well as two-on-two or three-on-three games with their parents, their sister and brother Isaiah, now a freshman guard at GCU. 

Bryce Drew gave Casey Shaw his first collegiate coaching opportunity in 2016, selecting him as an assistant on his staff at Vanderbilt. Homer and Janet Drew moved to Nashville to be close to five of their grandchildren. 

Following Bryce Drew’s three-year tenure with the Commodores, Casey Shaw was able to coach Isaiah and Caleb as the head coach of Davidson Academy in Nashville. He led the team for a year before Bryce Drew was hired as the Antelopes’ head coach and brought Shaw with him to Phoenix. 

Due to the pandemic, Caleb and Luke were homeschooled and did not play organized basketball. The year provided time for Caleb to recover from an osteochondritis dissecans lesion. 

Meanwhile, Luke went to GCU with Casey and trained after finishing his homework. Every day, he worked with the shooting gun until he made 1,000 shots. Additionally, he used the team’s dribbling machine and worked out with GCU’s managers, graduate assistants and coaching staff. 

“They've really enjoyed their teammates and Valley Christian in just the short time that they've been playing with them,” said Homer Drew, now living in Arizona. “They've really enjoyed that environment and I think their coach does a really good job with his team.” 

The brothers have made an impact with the Trojans, helping lead Valley Christian to a 2-2 record during the Section 7 showcase. Head coach Greg Haagsma said he sees Caleb, who has received collegiate interest, as a player who can take the clutch shots during crunch time. As for Luke, Casey Shaw believes he is going to grow taller in high school like Isaiah did, which will open up new areas of his game.  

This year, the brothers will work together to help Valley Christian earn a 3A Division title. No matter the result, the upcoming season will be the next chapter in the story of the basketball legacy of the Shaws and the Drews.

 And Luke Shaw can’t wait to start telling it. 

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