PGA Director of Instruction Mike Schlund, explains how his new flight monitor works inside his new facility at Trilogy Golf Course. 

In today’s world, technology has had a certain way of advancing all walks of life. From the invention of the cell phone, making communication easier, to the invention of the car, making transportation easier, every new piece of technology has found a way to improve our way of life.

Lately, technology advancements have moved into the athletic field, giving athletes better opportunities to improve their talents in several different ways. Portable devices being used to track a player’s movements on the soccer field are just one example. Other technology that has become popular has to deal with the longevity of athletes, allowing professional athletes to increase the length of their careers.

One of these recent advancements in athletic technology has now made its way to the Trilogy Golf Course in Gilbert. Mike Schlund, PGA Director of Instruction at the Golf Academy at Power Ranch, has brought a new training device to the golf course that provides a unique experience for players looking to improve their game, or if they are just starting.

His new facility, a 900-square-foot building with two separate bays, is a climate-controlled indoor golf range. While it can be used as a fully indoor facility with nets that can be drawn to stop balls that are hit. The building also has a door that can open, allowing players to hit balls onto the driving range.

But, the indoor facility is more than just an indoor driving range. The building is also equipped with video equipment and a launch monitor that opens up a whole new way of teaching. With two simultaneous video feeds, it allows golfers to adjust their swing at certain positions, while also giving them the opportunity to watch it and feel it at the same time.

“It’s live feed video, so to me that is a perfect way to learn something because you are able to watch something and feel it at the same time,” Schlund said. “That type of feedback is kind of invaluable and it helps me get my point across as a trainer.”

Not only does the video equipment allow the golfer to make adjustments in real time, it also allows them to see how the adjustments affect the results of their swing. Along with the two simultaneous video feeds, Schlund uses a Flight Scope, which tracks many different aspects of a golfer’s swing, along with the end results.

“Flight scope reads the impact position and it gives not only how far did the ball fly, but how high it went, the curvature of the ball, the club speed, the balls spin rate, and even shows you the angle of the club face on impact.” Schlund said. “So, as we train, they can see how those numbers change with the adjustments they make.”

While the building provides state of the art technology that allows golfers to improve on a daily basis. It also allows both Schlund and his customers a chance to beat the heat and avoid any other weather restrictions that they have faced in the past. Some of those include rain, frost delays, and of course the intense Arizona heat in the summer time.  

“If I give four or five lessons a day I get a headache at the end of the day and the sun just beats on you,” Schlund said. “So, the main purpose was climate controlled summer instruction and we can even do it with the door opened in the summer as well because of the air conditioning.”

With the indoor facility, Schlund is able to use up less driving range space while still being able to maximize his time at the course. Right now, Schlund is teaching five hour days on the weekend and is teaching from about 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the week. The new facility can be found at Trilogy Golf Course in Gilbert.

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