Williams Field vs Casteel

Kobe Van Nort is a sports journalism major at Arizona State University assigned to cover Williams Field High School.

In a battle of two of the top 10 football teams in the state, the matchup between the Williams Field Blackhawks and the Casteel Colts did not disappoint.

The first three quarters of the game was a slow and balanced start for both teams, but the fourth quarter was far from slow. There were two touchdowns scored by both teams with the Colts taking the victory 23-20.

The Blackhawks came into today's matchup 2-0 with a smothering victory against the Chaparral Firebirds defeating them 49-27. Junior running back, Dylan Lee, led the way with over 500 rushing yards and 5 total touchdowns on 24 carries. Lee had about half of that production this week rushing for 199 yards and two touchdowns.

The Blackhawks offense had a tough time getting it going early, only scoring one touchdown in the first half. Lee had a big role in the first half getting 20 carries, one of those scoring the touchdown. Senior quarterback Travis Ebner completed two passes in six attempts for 20 yards in the first half.

The defense had it rolling early with a quick 3-and-out to begin the game. After allowing a touchdown on the second drive, the defense continued to shut it down, not allowing another score in the first half.

The Blackhawks did have trouble trying to corral Colts quarterback Landon Jury. He did not get sacked in the first half and escaped trouble for positive yardage four times.

According to Cole Norman, the team was not as focused as they were the past two games which affected their gameplay.

 “... We can focus a lot more and lock in to prepare and grow,” Norman said.

The Colts started the third quarter with the ball and in that drive were able to convert into a 34-yard field goal. The Blackhawks only drive of the third quarter was four plays ending in a punt. After the punt the Colts next drive went into the fourth quarter where that ended with Jury rushing in a touchdown. The Blackhawks were able to hold them to only six points on that drive, blocking the extra point.

The Blackhawks offense hit a surge in the fourth quarter with a lead off 50 yard rush from Lee and a touchdown pass by Ebner for 29 yards in only four plays. Head coach Steve Campbell believed the fourth quarter was where they needed to get back on the game plan, which was, “...running the ball, and some play action passes,” Campbell said.

Following the quick touchdown for the Blackhawks, The Colts offense went 3-and-out and left the Blackhawks with less than three minutes down by three on the 50 yard line.

Lee led the way in this drive gaining 50 yards on two rushes and giving the Blackhawks the lead late 20-16.

With less than one minute left, the Colts stormed down the field and scored the game winning touchdown. The Blackhawks had 28 seconds left but could not get anything going and ended up losing 23-20.

When describing the emotions during the fourth quarter, wide receiver Austin Vincent said it was “...kind of like a roller coaster on the sideline, we tried to stay level headed, but I feel like our emotions got the best of us.”

Campbell has the same game plan going into the next matchup against Desert Ridge.

“We just got to get back to work Monday and fix our mistakes and work going towards Desert Ridge next week,” Vincent said.

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