Varsity Sports Show

Vince D’Aliesio has brought a new element to high school football this season streaming games throughout the week.

As the world of broadcast journalism continues to grow, it was only a matter of time before high school football broadcasts would become a typical occurrence for many areas of the country.

The Varsity Sports Show is a prominent network in the Valley that showcases an assortment of high school football games in the area each week. The network also covers a handful of junior college football programs.

The Varsity Sports Show started as a radio show, and it was created by Vince D’Aliesio, a current resident of Carefree and former football coach with an extensive resume of leading high school and college athletics. When D’Aliesio stepped away from coaching several years ago, he still “had the itch” to stay involved with sports.

“I started PA announcing,” said D’Aliesio. “This eventually led to some spots on the radio… It spawned into doing livestream broadcasting, and my broadcasting partner and I at the time decided to start a podcast when podcasts weren’t that big. Four months later, we had some sponsors and we started our own radio show.”

As sponsorships and partnerships started to fund the show, D’Aliesio was able to grow the show into its own livestream broadcast.

“Two years ago, we started live streaming sporting events before COVID, before it was really popular,” D’Aliesio said. “We started doing it because we wanted to bring a different element and it was more out of the need to grow our show and to try and expand our audience.”

The Varsity Sports Show currently has over 18 partnerships that bring it to life. An assortment of high schools and junior colleges now pay for the network through fundraisers and booster clubs to cover and broadcast its seasons, including Saguaro High School, Canyon View High School and Papago Junior College.

Along with highlighting different football programs and student athletes, D’Aliesio knows the importance of the crew that supports the network. D’Aliesio takes pride in employing young people that have an interest in the industry of broadcast journalism.

“It’s become a vehicle for spotlighting young contributors,” said D’Aliesio. “That’s been my motivation to really build this thing, so I can bring along young broadcasters and showcase all of the great things that they are doing to grow their careers.”

The majority of every broadcast is operated by interns, many of which attend the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State. Play-by-play commentators, color analysts, producers, directors, and camera operators are all positions that D’Aliesio is more than happy to pay for each event that they contribute to.

Cronkite senior Sammy Rivera has been the lead technical director for the Varsity Sports Show since the spring of 2021.

“I’ve learned a whole lot, and I’ve gotten more hands-on experience working with Vince here than I have really anywhere else,” said Rivera. “Over the last eight months, I feel like I've gotten so much experience working as a technical director, as a producer, or even a camera operator. It’s been really eye-opening to see what there is to do for every position.”

Not only does D’Aliesio hire the behind the scenes help for the broadcasts, but he features a wide range of on-air talent as well.

Cronkite junior Madison Thomas found The Varsity Sports Show as she was searching for a way to extend her reach to people outside of her school. Thomas applied and was almost immediately offered a position as a sideline reporter for the network.

“I wanted to find an internship where I could get on-camera experience,” said Thomas. “That was really important to me. You have the Cronkite clubs, but I wanted to start making connections outside of Cronkite.”

The Varsity Sports Show now has a lot of support throughout many different communities in the Valley. D’Aliesio is excited to see the network grow even more, and is especially thrilled to expand the network to more junior college programs.

“I’m really big on the junior colleges because I was a product of the junior colleges,” said D’Aliesio. “There’s a lot of opportunity to showcase kids that go through junior colleges in general, because there’s a lot of second chance and feel good stories about guys that are working hard.”

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Shane Woen

Many different communities throughout the Valley have now shown their support for the Varsity Sports Show which is excellent news for the youngsters of this area. In addition to seeing the network grow, D'Aliesio is especially happy to see it expand to include junior colleges and students are having fun with it. I am willing to join this show but first I need to visit website to read reviews about writers who will assist me in my essay so that I could get time to take part in activities like this.

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