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The Saint Mary’s Knights ran away with a 48-0 win over the Seton Catholic Sentinels Friday night.

The Saint Mary’s Knights ran away with a 48-0 win over the Seton Catholic Sentinels Friday night.

Heading into the game Seton head coach Pete Wahlheim said that the key to winning the game was simple.

“If we stop the fullback we’ll win and if we don’t, we won’t,” Wahlheim said. “That’s kinda how I see it.”

The Knights fullback that Wahlheim was referring to was senior Liam Phelan and unfortunately for the Sentinels they were unable able to stop him.

Phelan struck first for the Knights with a two-yard rushing touchdown as Saint Mary’s took up almost 10 minutes of clock on their first possession of the game.

On the ensuing kickoff, Sentinel junior Isaiah Kubasak ran for over 60 yards before a Knights defender punched the ball out and recovered the fumble.

From there on out the Knights never looked back.

Senior running back James Atkinson scored on a 76-yard rushing touchdown just 13 seconds into the second half. Just two minutes later, senior safety Jack Burch intercepted a Sentinels pass and returned it 56 yards for a touchdown. To cap it off, junior quarterback Nick Martinez rushed for his only touchdown of the game on a seven-yard scramble.

Before they knew it, the Sentinels were down 27-0 heading into halftime.

An injury to starting senior running back Marek Sycamore was one of the contributing factors for Seton’s offensive woes.

Before exiting the game with a groin injury Sycamore rushed four times for 10 yards and had two receptions for 10 yards.

Sycamore’s backup, sophomore David Ossanna, also could not get it going on the ground for the Sentinels. Ossanna finished the game with 11 touches for 21 yards and a fumble.

As for the Knights, they picked it up right where they left off as Phelan, senior Ben Sanford and junior Mason Aguayo all rushed for touchdowns in the second half.

Phelan finished the night with 106 rushing yards and two touchdowns on 16 carries. According to Phelan, he had an especially good rushing night due to adjustments they made in the second half.

“Around halftime coach made some great adjustments for the line and I was able to cut outside. We started hitting the c-gap which was definitely open,” Phelan said. “We just executed well.”

After the game, Saint Mary’s head coach Jose Lucero chalked the win up to a strong team effort.

“I’m real proud of the effort today by everybody involved. It was a really good team win,” Lucero said. “Super excited when some of our second-string guys got in towards the end of the game. They punched it in for a touchdown and kept the shutout which is awesome.”

Wahlheim believed that his team’s loss was due to a number of problems.

“We didn’t play Seton football; wasn’t smart, had stupid penalties couldn’t get lined up, didn’t have 11 guys on the field and more than anything else we got physically pushed around,” Wahlheim said.

In week four, Seton’s (0-3) schedule doesn’t get any easier as they are set to face off against the Mesquite Wildcats (2-1). Meanwhile, Saint Mary’s (2-1) will face Thunderbird (1-2).

After the game, Wahlheim said that his team is going to keep the same goals headed into next week.

“We’re just gonna keep grinding,” Wahlheim said. “We’re gonna try to turn ourselves into what we expect we’re supposed to be.”

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