Perry vs Mountain View

Perry High dominated Mountain View for its first win of the season on Friday night.

There are very few things that’ll light a fire under a team better than a loss.

For the Perry Pumas, after a tough loss to Pinnacle last week, they were looking for blood as they dominated the Mountain View Toros 51-21. 

Senior quarterback and Louisville Cardinal commit Chubba Purdy was the director of this domination. He led the Pumas down the field with ease on each drive. According to Purdy, who is committed to Louisville, the team was fired up after not playing “Perry football” last week.

“Perry beats Perry,“ Purdy said. “We always beat ourselves. First game we made a lot of mistakes… and this game we really broke everything down and made everything simpler.”

For Perry, the first half was nearly a perfect game. Very few mistakes, hard-hitting football and a perfect offensive showing. The team slowed down in the second half, going conservative with the ball and though they were able to keep the lead, they didn’t look as crisp as the first half. 

The game felt out of reach for Mountain View from the start.

From dropped passes to penalties, the Toros never found a rhythm.

Mountain View starting senior quarterback Brandon Nieto was sidelined a few plays due to injured ribs. As one of the four captains on the team, Nieto said he kept getting up for his team and to keep fighting for them.

“I know I’m a leader and I got to stand up for my team and make sure they know they got someone strong that’s leading them.” Nieto said.

Mountain View coach Micah Fell said the team did a “horrible job tackling” in the first half and “looked scared” playing Perry. However, the team came out strong in the second half, playing with more intensity and heart.

Fell said he believes the players looked inside and found something in themselves to go out and play hard.

“It was all pride, you play the way we played that first half, you got to find something in you,” Fell said. “If you’re going to be a football player and work as hard as we work, to come out the way we did that first half, I think they looked inside themselves a little bit at halftime and decided they were going to at least play harder.”

Mountain View (0-2) is focused on improvement after dropping their second game in a row to open the season. the team is focused on getting better after losing the first two games of the season. Fell said he isn’t focused on who they’re playing since most of their opponents are “good football teams.” What he’s focused on is making his team “better.”

Perry (1-1) struggled with penalties against Mountain View, something that Jones will look to address leading up to Perry’s next match up against Red Mountain (2-0) next week.

“We’re going to do the same thing every week, we’re gonna talk about discipline, we’re gonna talk about controlling our emotions and we’re gonna talk about Perry not beating Perry. ”Jones said.

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