Mountain View volleyball

In the midst of one of the most unprecedented years in history, Toros volleyball players have been reactive of the social justice situations at hand.

“We were aware of everything that took place this year and had multiple team meetings to ensure that everyone on our team was able to express their opinions and concerns,” sophomore Reece Fischbeck said.

The team, who is already so close on the course, is just as close off as well. The culture that Mountain View has adopted provides a safe space where everybody feels welcome and has a place regardless of background..

The Toros are accepting of everyone’s opinions and aim to lift their teammates up when they need it.

“I am glad that we are friends because we really want the best for one another,” senior Ashley Reed said. “If anybody feels uncomfortable about anything, we make sure that they get an opportunity to talk about how they are feeling.”

The Toros attribute their strong sense of care by being so close to one another.

The team has had a strong connection with everybody that dates back long before they began their careers at Mountain View.

“Some of us have known each other since 6th and 7th grade. We look out for one another as if we were sisters,” senior Brekyn Goodman said.

The women enjoy being around one another even off the court. Whether it is eating breakfast together or taking a vacation to the mountains, the squad enjoys hanging out together.

“One of my favorite team bonding events that we did was spend the night together in a cabin in northern Arizona and we had a blast. We all learned a little bit about each other and I think we grew as a team,” Fischbeck said.

By becoming such a strong group off the court, the Toros became even stronger on the court.

According to Reed, the chemistry clicked when they practiced together, and that translated into wins when it came time for gameday.

“I believe everything that we did off the court had such a benefit to us when we actually played games,” Reed said. “We just trust each other with everything and are always there to pick each other up when they fall.”

The connection that this team has really plays a role in all forms of what Toro volleyball is all about.

Having the ability to develop the relationships like they have has opened the door to more discussions that go far beyond the game of volleyball.

While everybody has the goal of winning in mind, what has been even more important is the understanding at the end of the day that they all love one another and want to make sure that everybody is on the right page mentally.

“Win or lose, we love each other. No matter how many mistakes we make, we love each other. The relationships that we have made throughout our time in this program will go beyond any result that we have had,” Reed said. “We really do care for one another.”

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