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Cyndi Bowers, the head of the Mountain View booster club, pays it forward for fans and players.

Under the Friday night lights, the Mountain View home stand is decked out in a sea of blue, cheering the Toro football team on. This is made possible by the Toros Football Booster Club and the Mountain View Toros Booster Club.

Mountain View has around 10 booster clubs, a main entity with supporting booster clubs for Toros programs to help each body fundraise money. The booster club allows each group to pay for trips, gear or anything else to help the students achieve a goal they have for the year.

Between a number of different fundraisers, each team can raise money for the year to cover any expenses they may have, and each fundraiser allows the team to involve the Mountain View community to get involved in the fundraising. This helps the community come together and grow stronger.

With the TFBC, president Wayne Syrek says the Board of Directors is very active in the community and “solicits funds from individual or corporate donors throughout the year in the form of donations or sponsorships.”

The football booster club is a 501c3 non-profit organization created to support the Mountain View High School football program. Over the last 10 years, school budgets have become tighter which means less money from the government can be allocated towards extracurricular programs. Luckily for the Toros, the football booster club enables financial support for their football program.

The booster club helps the program pay for gear, equipment, uniforms, transportation and other expenses.

“It costs a tremendous amount of money to run a top-notch high school football program, and without funds, our program would be lacking,” said Syrek.

Besides receiving donations from sponsors in the community, TFBC takes on several fundraising projects annually. The players and coaches do a lot of fundraising for their program on their own by selling the gold cards which give the community discounts to local stores and restaurants, and putting on youth clinics which help involve the kids in the community while raising money for the athletes that are a part of the football program.

A lot of people like to donate money through online donations. The Mountain View community doesn’t always want to buy something the booster club is selling, and instead will donate money to their program to show their support.

Another fundraiser the Toros football program has had success with are community golf tournaments. The team will set up a golf event and people from the Mountain View community will come out to enjoy the game of golf and give money to the Toros football program.

“We are able to retain a large portion of the proceeds for our program,” said Syrek.

These fundraisers aren’t specific to football, the other booster clubs host similar events for their programs as well. The Cheer and Poms Booster holds a youth boutique day where different student vendors will sell baked treats and other goods. The Swim team will sell family banners to hang up at their home pool. The choir hosts a holiday dinner where they sell seats at tables and the culinary students cook dinner that night.

Cyndi Bowers has been president of the MVTBC for almost 14 years.

“My dad always told me to get involved in the community to understand what my kids are doing,” Bowers said.

Bowers heads the main Booster club at mountain view, which acts as an umbrella over the individual Booster clubs for each Toros program. At Mountain View, Boosters is all volunteer work. Main Boosters, as Bowers calls it, puts on more broad events that span the student body as a whole instead of just one or two programs.

On the Toros Booster club website, Elizabeth Andrews said, “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart.”

One of the events Main Boosters puts on at the end of every year is the honors breakfast. Boosters pay for food to feed about 400 people, 250 or so being honors students and seniors, to celebrate the accomplishments of the students.

“It's great to see kids do great things and celebrate them,” said Bowers.

Another event that main Boosters puts on is a staff movie night. Boosters pays for the movie and some treats so that the Mountain View staff can get a boost of “Spirit and morale.”

“Everyone feels like one team,” said Bowers.

Main Boosters’ other main purpose is to support any of the other booster clubs if they fall short on finances. The main entity will lend funds and help out with fundraising events to help each of its booster clubs and their programs meet their goals.

“We have good people at Mountain View. If you show that you care about them and are invested in them, they give you the world,” said Bowers.

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