The Brophy College Preparatory boys basketball team remains No.1, beating No. 5-ranked Hamilton High school, 57-47, in a close game Tuesday night in Chandler.

The Hamilton Huskies fought hard throughout the game in their attempt to end Brophy's winning streak, but ultimately fell short to stellar scoring and a tough defense.

Brophy was led in scoring by Ian Burke, Marcus White and Jaxson Baker, who helped secure the win for Brophy.

Brophy Senior Marcus White contributed the win to his team saying, "It was good team composure, we had a good strong base, and we relied on each other. That's what helped us throughout the stretch towards the end, especially towards the end."

Brophy Head coach Matt Hooten commended Hamilton Tuesday night for their hard-fought, fantastic high school basketball game saying, "At the end of the day we just got a few more stops, I don't know that it was anything magical, but they kept with us."

Senior Rashad Smith led Hamilton in scoring Tuesday, with 13 total points on the night including an impressive reverse lay-up down the baseline.

The score remained close throughout, but Brophy held the lead during most of the game. At half –time, Brophy led Hamilton by a score of 32-27.

Hamilton senior Smith understands what being a leader for his team means, especially on senior night. "I am senior leader, so whatever I'm going to do, I'm hoping that they're going to follow."

Smith electrified the crowd with two slam dunks including a break-away to bring the Huskies within five points late in the third quarter.

These efforts helped rally his team to make a push in the fourth quarter against Brophy.

Although the half started slow, by the fourth quarter the crowd was roaring behind their teams.

Hamilton continued to fight back bringing the team within three points with only 1:13 left to play.

At the end, fouls hindered Hamilton's momentum from beating out Brophy, giving the Broncos plenty of opportunities to widen their lead, ultimately defeating the Huskies by ten points.

Hamilton Head Coach Doug Harris had high praise for Brophy saying, "They're a good team. The reason they're No. 1 is because they don't beat themselves. They're very disciplined, they execute, they make free-throws, they make wide open shots, so that's a good kind of barometer for our team to look at if we want to get to that level."

The team struggled at the free-throw line and it showed as Harris pointed out the issues his team faced, "You can't beat a good team like this and miss the free-throws, you can't beat a team like that when you miss assignments."

However, the positive that did come out of this game for Hamilton was defense.

"It showed when we concentrated on the defensive end and at the end it was right there but we just couldn't get over the hump," Harris said.

Brophy improved to 22-1 overall and are now 8-0 in their section.

Hamilton drops to 17-7 overall adding to their conference losses with a record of 3-4 in their section.

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