Devin Dourisseau gives advice in a summer football practice at La Joya Community High School.

Devin Dourisseau, coach of La Joya Community football, stepped down on Monday, amid concerns he was running up the score in the Lobos’ last game. He felt his integrity and character of his football team were being questioned.

In the middle of the third quarter of La Joya’s homecoming game – a 60-0 win over Copper Canyon – Dourisseau said he was approached by school athletic director Joe Williams. Williams, Dourisseau said, told him the school’s administrative staff wanted him to stop scoring, as the Lobos were already up 30 points.

After their interaction, in which Dourisseau said he told Williams, ‘no’, an assistant coach was approached by principal Stacie Almarez, who allegedly warned the him ‘If you want ‘Double D’ (Dourisseau’s nickname) on the sidelines for Valley Vista (the team’s next opponent), you’d better stop scoring now.”

Dourisseau said he slowly mixed in his second and third-string offensive players, but the Lobos did score five more touchdowns in the second half. Two were a fumble recovery and interception return, one was a kick return for a score, and one was an unexpected 45-yard run from a backup running back.

“I had second and third string guys in. But if I tell them to stop trying, what does that say about me as a coach? That’s not how I want to run my program,” Dourisseau said.

Dourisseau met with Williams and Almarez Monday, where he said he was reprimanded. When it appeared the two sides could come to an agreement, he decided to step down.

“If the other coach and the other team didn’t think we were running the score up, and nobody else did except them, that’s on them. Now that means they’re questioning my integrity, how I handle myself and my program, and that’s frustrating. I can’t work for an organization like that,” he said.

Williams gave no comment.

Senior Lobos receiver Carlos Fernandez said Monday’s scheduled football practice was cancelled. The team, however, gathered after school, where Dourisseau delivered the news of his resignation. Fernandez said the players were “confused” and “frustrated.”

“Coach Double D is our guy. He is like another father in football for a lot of us, I know at least for me. We have all put so much work in, and he has done so much for us, that we really hope he can be part of the team,” Fernandez said.

“He was accused of running up the score, and people at the game could tell you yourself that we weren’t doing that,” senior quarterback Miguel Valdovinos added.

As of now it is unclear whether the team will have a coaching staff or even play in La Joya’s scheduled road game at Valley Vista this Friday. Dourisseau said he hopes his resignation is not permanent and that he is back on the sidelines before the players have to forfeit or miss any games, as he believes a winning streak in the second half of the season could lead the Lobos to their first playoff berth in many years. Both he and Fernandez said the other members of the coaching staff do not want to continue without him, as they have seen how he has been a part of changing the culture surrounding La Joya’s football team.

“If that’s going to be the only complaint, that you don’t like how many points I put on the board, I kind of take that as a badge of honor, because we’ve dealt with a lot of losing over the years,” Dourisseau said.

“We haven’t made the playoffs in my 8 eight years here, and we’ve taken some bumps along the way. And we’re finally doing some winning, and to have it all happen like this is hard for the kids. I want to be with them as they try to make it to the promised land.”

The Lobos are 3-2 through five games. Come back to for more updates on this developing story.

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