The Casteel Colts have played 120 minutes of football this season, or two games. The Colts have gone 1-1, with a win over Mesa’s Skyline, and a hard fought 23-13 loss to the team that has attracted nationwide buzz for their game this Friday, Hamilton High School.

The latter game was one of the biggest in Casteel’s short 6-year history, where it kept it close.

“We were fortunate to have the opportunity to play them at our home stadium,” Casteel head coach Bobby Newcombe said.

The Colts had a bye week last week to look back at the game against the Hamilton Huskies, and they made sure that they did not waste it.

“There is no relaxation,” Newcombe said. “What we are focusing on is that some of the details of our game, especially offensively, we need to fix.”

Junior quarterback Landon Jury found himself out of sync with his receivers at times against Hamilton, going 11 of 28 for 97 total passing yards.

“If a few plays maybe went our way we could’ve had that one,” Jury said. “We had a few plays where we couldn’t execute ... coach (Newcomb) had the game plan lined up and we just could not get it done.”

Execution was a strongpoint in practice during the bye week and will need to continue next week against Mountain Pointe. The Pride enter this week with a 2-1 record defeating Corona del Sol and Brophy College Preparatory. The Pride lost 21-20 against Perry on Friday. Quarterback Chris Arviso was sick before kickoff.

Arviso found receivers early and often in the first two games of the season, going 49 of 69 with 560 passing yards. The key to the Colts’ defense will be sophomore two-way player J.J. Newcombe. Newcombe had 4 tackles against Hamilton and wants to build on the goals they set out last week.

“We definitely came out (last week) ready to fight,” the sophomore said. “That was our main goal, physicality and mentality.”

The bye week for Casteel also brings a unique opportunity for the team to grow when it comes to morale.

“It’s a team bond, its building every day,” The defender said.

Landon Jury shares the same sentiment with his teammate.

“Everyone is just locked in in the locker room, we all have fun,” Jury said. “At the end of the day, we all come back to serious when we get on the field.”

Coach Newcombe is proud of his team’s progress, and sees a team hungry for the meat of the season.

“You poke at them as a coach to find the little things and help them fix it,” B. Newcombe said. “They are responding really well, we have a great relationship with these players and they love football and they love competing.”

Casteel kicks off at Mountain Pointe 7:00 p.m. Friday, Sept. 25.

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