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Casteel’s golf program finished 6th overall in the Division I golf tournament, which wrapped up Thursday afternoon.

The Division 1 high school golf state tournament has officially ended. Casteel high school placed 6th while Hamilton took the championship.

The tournament ended with senior Rio Newcombe placing 6th individually, two spots below sophomore shooter Wyatt Chapman who placed 4th.

Wyatt Chapman made an impressive tournament run for himself and felt confident the whole tournament.

“Overall, both days I shot well and put myself into good positions for myself and my team,” Chapman said.

After day 1, Wyatt Chapman was three under par after scoring a 67. He was also three back from the leader and hoping for the best in day 2.

“Day 2 I played with the individual scoring leader,” said Chapman. “I made a birdie shot that put me two back from the leader. I eventually got it to one behind.”

Wyatt faced a couple of difficulties on hole 10 when the course conditions began to change. A gust of wind swept through the course making it difficult for some golfers.

“The wind started blowing really fast at that hole,” said Chapman. “Unfortunately, I made a double and it threw me off my game a little bit.”

Just like fellow players, Wyatt Chapman felt calm and confident the whole tournament.

“I had a really good mindset and mentality. When I hit a bad shot I kept going and didn’t let it affect me,” Chapman said. “I’m proud of myself for bouncing back and making it close.”

In order to win as a team, everyone had to be playing at the top of their game. As Thomas Reid said in an essay, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

“I’m a little disappointed in our team’s performance,” said Chapman. “I think Rio and I did all we can to help get a win but it wasn’t enough.”

Rio Newcombe was also in a close race the whole tournament. At the 10th hole Newcombe was 4 under after a great 30-foot par shot.

“I made this great shot that helped me push to 4-under which was only two back from the lead,” Newcombe said. “At that point, Wyatt and I were also tied.”

On day one Rio Newcombe shot three under and was only three back from the lead.

Although they were the same courses for both days, they had a completely different feel to them.

“Same courses but the conditions were very different each day,” Newcombe said. “It was very windy the second day. Scores were definitely not as low as day one because of the wind factor.”

In a day of hardships, Newcombe was able to identify the parts of the game where he excelled.

“Off the tee I was really good, I only missed one fairway,” Newcombe said. “Overall I think attitude wise I felt really good and relaxed the entire tournament. I was stress free.”

This was his last match as a colt but the next big step for Rio Newcombe, the college scene. He has committed to the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.

“I’m excited. It’s a great program, and I love the school,” Newcombe said. “There’s some familiar faces down there so I’m ready to get started.”

The team showed a lot of great skill and effort during this state championship zeroing in on Coach Brett Huston’s values.

“We really thrive as a team when we have integrity and work ethic,” said Huston. “With integrity your holding yourself accountable calling your own shots and penalties and I think the boys did a great job with that this season.”

Although the seniors are moving on, the Casteel Colts have a great young core group of golfers who are eager to get back to state next year.

Miles Aronson is a sports journalism major at Arizona State University covering Casteel High School. 

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