FLAGSTAFF - At least he didn’t do it answering a telephone.

But Cardinals guard Leonard Davis still broke his right hand during Friday morning’s practice during a fight with defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch.

Davis will be held out of full contact for a week to 10 days and will eventually be able to play with a cast.

Davis also said he expects to be recovered by the regular season opener Sept. 7.

“It was a body shot and I broke my hand,” Davis said. “It’s a lesson learned.”

Coach Dave McGinnis had joked with the media about the tussle following the morning practice, saying he liked the feistiness in his team.

But that was before Davis had the hand X-rayed, before the Cards knew he had a fracture of the midshaft metacarpal. It was a different McGinnis who talked about the incident following the afternoon walkthrough.

“There is no place for fighting in football,” McGinnis said. “This is a tough-ass game, and I want a nasty team but there is no place for fighting in football. You hurt yourself, you hurt your team, you get ejected.

“There will be no surgery, but this makes me very, very hot.”

The last time a Cardinal broke his hand, running back Thomas Jones said he did so banging his hand on a table while going to answer a phone last season, a claim not everyone believed. Davis, though, had plenty of witnesses.

The 384-pound Davis said he initially was trying to hold up the 282-pound Vanden Bosch from landing on the legs of offensive tackle Anthony Clement, but Vanden Bosch misinterpreted the move and “we went from there.”

“As far as Kyle and I, it’s over and done,” Davis added.

Vanden Bosch, whom a team spokesman said was embarrassed over the incident, declined an interview request.

“I just told him, ‘Just don’t blow me up in shells,’ ” Davis said, referring to the lighter pads the Cardinals wore Friday morning. “In full pads, do whatever you want to. But out there, you’re just not protected. We need to look out for each other.”

Told Vanden Bosch only knows one speed to play at — all out — Davis nodded his head.

“That’s good though,” Davis said. “That’s good on Sundays.”

Davis admitted concern playing with a cast, since he considers his hands and feet his most important attributes. McGinnis had the same worry.

“He can play with it,” McGinnis said. “But I don’t want any hinderance.”

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