Origin at Gateway Quarter, Plan 7514

 Origin at Gateway Quarter, Plan 7514, features lights that are customizable through Deako smart lighting.

It’s 2018. Everything from watches to cars to phones are becoming more streamlined, efficient, and automated. New homes are no different.

More homebuilders are embracing smart home technology, giving their buyers options to create a home experience tailored to their needs.

“Today’s homebuyer expects a home that can be set up from the outset to respond to, and even anticipate their daily needs,” said Ken Peterson, vice president of sales and marketing for Shea Homes Arizona.

“Doors that can be locked and unlocked remotely, thermostats that can cool the home to the perfect temperature, and lighting and audio systems that can be preset or controlled with voice or app are a few examples of the conveniences smart home technology can provide.”

In line with its mission to design and build homes that exceed customer expectations, Shea leads the charge in home automation among Arizona builders. At Shea’s East Valley communities, The Reserves at Val Vista and Gateway Quarter, both in Gilbert, owners are frequently opting for the latest upgrades in home technology.

“A few minutes of initial set-up, and you’ll be set for years of convenience,” said Steve Corbin of Foresight Arizona, Shea’s partner in home automation. “After a few days with these features, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.”

Here are just a few ways technology is revolutionizing the way we live.


Voice and app controls make it easy to turn lights off and on, one room at a time or all at once. Turn off all downstairs lights at night without taking a trip down the stairs, set the mood in an instant by dimming lights in the great room to 40 percent, or use your app to put lights on a timer—providing peace of mind when you’re on vacation.

Look to Shea’s Origin at Gateway Quarter community, the first in Phoenix to offer Deako Smart Lighting. A customizable, modular lighting system, Deako Smart Switches offer the ability to create three distinct customizable “scenes” on each switch. One setting might turn off every light in the home. Another could light up the entry hall, kitchen, and master bedroom. And a third could turn on the outside lights for a two-hour period. These settings or “scenes” are available through the Deako app for iOS and Android or the use of voice through Alexa or Google Home.

Locks and doorbells

The days of lost keys and locksmiths are becoming numbered. Keyless locks allow homeowners to use their voice or apps to lock and unlock doors and grant limited access digital “keys” to children and visitors, service workers or guests. The ability to lock and unlock homes remotely and get alerts based on motion or doorbell is more than just a convenience. These smart technology options also give homeowners added safety features and peace of mind.

Audio-visual equipment

Audiophiles who want the best in video and audio technology but have no desire to see a tangle of speakers, cords and cables are embracing the ability to hide audio-visual equipment in a closet or in the ceiling. The ability to control TVs, music, and Wi-Fi access with voice or apps means there’s no reason to mess with the equipment directly. Once everything is set up, parents can easily program equipment to limit Wi-Fi or turn off kids’ devices at bedtime when they’ve exceeded their daily video game limit. Each TV can be connected to multiple sources such as Blu-ray, cable and streaming media devices.

Thermostat control

Smart thermostats that can be adjusted through voice or app mean no more wondering if the setting was adjusted for the day. Families who head up north to escape the heat can use their app to cool down the house before returning. And for those who just don’t want to get up once they’re settled in bed, it’s easy enough to pick up the phone from the night table use an app to adjust the temperature up or down.

“A smart home system allows you to create settings that match your lifestyle,” Peterson said. 

“Your home should be a sanctuary for relaxation, and having a smart home allows you to maximize your family’s enjoyment of your new home.”

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