Diamond Plus Invisalign Orthodontist

13 year old local teen, J.T Church, national winner of Dancing With The Stars Jr edition, is the latest noteworthy client of a Diamond Plus Invisalign Orthodontist, whose revolutionary "smile delivery system" is saving their delighted clients thousands of dollars. 

Metal braces don't exactly mesh with TV stardom...

So when JT Church asked his parents if he could upgrade his smile to match his professional aspirations in the entertainment industry, the popular teen's top choice was Invisalign.

What the talented dancer didn't know was that QuickSmiles, one of Arizona’s only Diamond Plus Invisalign® orthodontists, has pioneered an easy and affordable way for almost anyone to claim a brand new smile.

Now, JT has trusted QuickSmiles to painlessly sculpt a megawatt smile that radiates confidence to any audience.

"My son is loving his new aligners and the flexibility he has to take them out when he is dancing or performing. I was so happy with QuickSmiles, l signed up JT's brother, too." - JT's Mom, Leslie Church

When JT visited the cool and modern QuickSmiles office at the SanTan Mall in Gilbert, a friendly smile expert took a 3-minute Smile Scan of his teeth. (QuickSmiles offers the Smile Scans for free). Right before his eyes, QuickSmiles created a 3D preview of his new smile, and the orthodontist created a treatment plan using the custom-crafted, clear, comfortable Invisalign aligner, tailor-made for JT’s specific needs.

Now, instead of going to the orthodontist every 5 weeks for checkups, QuickSmiles monitors JT’s progress remotely with checkups from his mobile phone, wherever he is in the world. So instead of shuttling back and forth to checkups, JT’s free to concentrate on school and his passion for the performing arts, without his mom needing to take time off work to journey back and forth to appointments.

(Whenever you need to come to the office, QuickSmiles offers convenient evening and Saturday hours, so a new smile can be achieved around even the busiest schedule.)

This revolutionary business model allows QuickSmiles to save money on staffing for office visits. And they pass these extensive savings along to their clients. For most people, the savings mount up to $2,000-3,000 dollars.

QuickSmiles offers the lowest Invisalign prices in the nation, guaranteed. In the unlikely event you find Invisalign pricing that’s lower they’ll happily match it. Plus, they accept most major insurance providers and have payment options for any budget, ranging from $0 down/0% interest to paid-in-full discounts.

Teens aren’t the only ones excited about QuickSmiles - adults love it too. In fact, QuickSmiles' uniquely affordable approach to straightening teeth is now in such demand valley wide, they’ve opened an additional location on Tatum Blvd in Phoenix.

Moreover, they’re fast becoming known for transforming crooked smiles other orthodontists have refused to take on.

You may have seen clear aligner companies offering to send you aligners through the mail. However, many online reviews of these companies cite customer’s ultimate disappointment with their results, primarily due to a lack of professional oversight.

In stark contrast, QuickSmiles ensures you’ll love your new smile by giving you all the benefits of the finest comfortable, custom-crafted clear aligners, at the nation’s lowest Invisalign prices, all under the watchful and caring eye of top orthodontists.

A free Smile Scan at QuickSmiles can be booked on their website at QuickSmiles.com. It lets you know if you’re a candidate, and only takes 20-30 minutes, including the x-rays, the Smile Scan, and the 3D preview of your new smile.

Click here to book your free Smile Scan at QuickSmiles

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