Francine Akins-Arbuckle

Francine Akins-Arbuckle

A Mesa counselor has combined her Christian faith and her counseling experience in her first book.

Francine Akins-Arbuckle has written “Overcoming Distractions: A Biblical Guide to Staying Focused.”

Designed to be both instructional and inspirational, the book explores ways that Christians can live a purpose-driven life to achieve personal, spiritual and relationship goals, although Akins-Arbuckle said it provides “both Biblical and clinical information to readers of all faiths.”

“I like to categorize it as a self-help Christian book as it offers an opportunity for self- explorations and self-awareness and is filled with supportive Bible scriptures,” said the native Arizonan, who grew up in Chandler.

Married for 38 years and the mother of two children, Akins-Arbuckle said she wrote the book for the same reason she became a counselor.

“I have a passion to help others,” she said, “and counseling is one of the best careers to have if you are a natural helper.”

She has worked as a child and family therapist for over 20 years at several local agencies and has had a part-time practice where she mainly provides counseling services for people in domestic violence and driving under the influence cases.

The book came to her as the result of teaching on the topic of distractions the last two years.

“I felt compelled to make the teaching available to a larger extent where many more can benefit,” said Akins-Arbuckle.

“This is my first book,” she said. “I love to teach and one of my duties in our church is to teach Bible study and Sunday school. I have always created my own Bible lessons.”

A member of the Pentecost denomination, she said, “Christian beliefs play a big role” in her book because “a lot of the people have a faith-based belief system that impacts their life.”

But she added, “I do not present my belief, I work within the beliefs of others” in her book.

The book is a study guide that includes both Biblical and clinical application, though Akins-Arbuckle also said, “I self-disclose some personal information” in it.

The book can be purchased on Amazon or by emailing a request to, where she will autograph it and mail a personalize book mark and a pen with it.  Payment can be made on one of the available cash apps.

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