Children with an interest in the arts can now get out of the heat and see new exhibits at the ASU Art Museum.

The art museum is hosting its 16th annual family fun day Saturday, July 11 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in conjunction with a family-centric exhibition which is currently on view through Aug. 1.

“Every summer we have an exhibition in association with the event that basically looks at themes and topics and different subject matters (that are) fun for families today,” said Andrea Feller, curator of education for the museum. “The exhibition this year is entitled Family Matters, and it’s all about families and how they’ve changed and evolved and how they do things together with art pieces that explore the diversity of family life.”

There are several hands-on projects for children to participate in including making a family tree, re-creating their family out of clothes pins and making pet ears to celebrate the family pets.

The free event allows kids with an interest in fine art a chance to explore their creative side as well as beat the heat.

“We’ll have art-making crafts, performances and much more to do,” Feller said. “It’s free, and I know in these economic times it’s always nice to have something that doesn’t cost any money to go to.”

The family fun day also provides an opportunity for kids to see and experience fine art without having to spend any money and have an avenue for self expression.

“The arts teaches so many things that are applicable in all disciplines,” Feller said. “Art teaches creativity and thinking outside the box and that helps with anything they might be interested in. It also helps just basically preserve our cultural heritage for the future. The more kids are interested in doing this, this is something that will help make (sure) art, and celebrating what artists in each different era do, continues on to the next generation.”

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