“Mr. Livdahl: Nothing in the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches that ‘Prosperity equals piety.’ But, I will grant you that there are many Mormons who believe that is so.”

“Wow — Mitt Romney moved so fast from the far right to the left Obama Doctrine, he made me feel like Rip Van Winkle. I wonder if he knows that all of the terrorist organizations put together don’t have an aircraft carrier. But I’m sure Mitt’s offshore blind trust could finance one for them, and create a new tax category called perpetual profit, and he wouldn’t know anything about it.”

“If a Republican had committed the crimes that Obama has committed, he would be charged with the murder of those four in Libya and the Dems would scream 24 hours a day, 8 days a week for his hide.”

“One would think that in an apparent ‘first-world’ country of 320 million, the presidential debate administrators could hire a qualified moderator, say a professional ‘debate’ coach or university moderator. The conduct and abilities of the three previous moderators were nothing less than shameful when one comes right down to it. It’s bad enough the campaign ads are abominable without the debates turning into three-ring circuses.”

“President Obama has been photographed drinking beer on numerous occasions. Not too long ago, while drinking beer in a public establishment he admitted, and seems to be very proud of the fact, that he makes (or has someone else make) his own special brew of beer at the White House. What a thing to be proud of and boast about. Apparently he thinks beer drinking is an important aspect of his presidency and an asset to his campaigning for a second term in office. There are much more important topics that should be addressed like the fact that one in six Americans go to bed hungry at night because they still live in poverty and there are still millions of Americans without a job.”

“The state wants us to vote yes on (Prop) 204 to help our schools, but there is no guarantee that the money will even go to the schools. Gilbert wants a budget override to help out the schools. How do we get a budget override to help us with our budgets. Vote NO on both of these proposals and tell our state and cities that they should live within their budgets just like we have to.”

“Jeff Flake brought gridlock to the House. He should not be allowed to bring gridlock to the Senate. Arizona should be represented by a senator who is thoughtful and forward looking. We do not need a man whose career is built on negativity.”

“I’m a Republican and voted for Reagan. He lowered my taxes, but the deficit, percentage wise, went up even more than it has under Obama. I voted for both Bushes. Bush 41 lost because the economy was in bad shape. Bush 44 inherited a budget with a surplus, lowered taxes and ended with a great recession. I’m sure not in favor of lowering taxes again. The parties need to work together to cut the deficit to get the economy back on right road. Realistically that means steep cuts in the budget and raising taxes on those making over $250 K.”

(21) comments


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Engaged Voter

Strange that someone would label my concern over how someone else is spending MY money as "bigotry".

I think you may need to look that word up. ;)


Last venter - the lowering of taxes had very little to do with the recession. The lowering of standards to loan people money to buy houses, ala Franklin Raines and Bill Clinton - DID. Bush saw it coming and he urged congress to act as early as 2003. NOTHING was done. Barney Frank actually said "there is NOTHING wrong with how Fannie and Freddie are doing busines" (meanwhile, he's raking in oodles of dollars in campaign contributions from them). Franklin Raines himself setup the whole racket to ensure HE PERSONALLY POCKETED $90 million in salary. NINETY MILLION!!!! He scratched Clinton's back and Clinton scratched his, then voila - the housing bust!! Completely predictable from an economists point of view, but the leadership of the DNC said an emphatic "NO" to Bush and company when reform was urged. Nancy Pelosi. Chris Dodd. Barney Frank. Harry Reid. They all - EVERY ONE OF THEm - balked at reforming Fannie, Freddie and how banks loaned money to people to buy houses.

Arizona Willie

Engaged Voter ... you are still presuming facts not in evidence.
I'm not an Iphone user, but I believe the models are virtually identical except the new one is a bit thinner. Kinda hard to tell without holding it.
Who knows, maybe someone gave it to her.
Might not even be her phone ... could be borrowed.
You are judging on outward appearances without knowing any of the facts of her case.
I < suspect > you might sing a different tune if you knew ALL the facts and circumstances.
Darn sure you would have a different song if you were in HER place.
I'm sure there probably are some who have learned to play the system, but not very many because they have put in so many checks and controls.
There are a thousand different ways it would be perfectly honorable for that woman to have the new car and cellphone and all those kids.
Just saying that your bigotry is coming through big time.

Engaged Voter

Willie, it's called a SNAP card. Sorry if you've never seen one.

And the iphone? The model that JUST CAME OUT, are you really trying to claim she bought it when "her finances were more secure"??

She requires MY money to feed her children, but has a phone and car that I cannot afford. Do you seriously see nothing wrong with that???

Arizona Willie

Well, DonMey, many people who have two jobs are still poor but hardly lazy.
There are families where both parents have two jobs and they are still poor, but they would bash your face in if you called them lazy to their face.
People's economic condition does not NECESSARILY have any bearing at all on their willingess to work.
Remember, the average IQ of Americans is only 100.
That means half the people have an IQ < below > 100.
These people have limited abilities and, as a result, usually have limited incomes also.
They may well be poor, but not because they are lazy --- because they don't have the abilities to get degrees and / or highly paid tech jobs.
The amount of money a person has is not always related to how much and / or how hard they work.
Romney was born with millions of dollars in trust funds. I doubt that he has EVER gotten a blister on his hands from working.
Actors often get paid great gobs of money for doing nothing more than reciting lines written by someone else. Yes there is talent involved but not what most people would call " working hard ".


It's hardly an obscure connection. You said if you don't have enough money, the solution is to just get more. Well, poor people don't have enough money, so, according to you, they need to get another job and increase their income. The fact that they don't get another jobs means they are just too lazy to stop being poor.

Arizona Willie

DonMey, I have no idea where you came up with the idea that we said poor people were lazy.
I don't remember saying anything remotely like that.
Yep, just went back and looked and there was nothing about lazy in my posts.
Why do you try to put words in people's mouths?
I suppose you think you can distract us from your losing position in the discussion.

Arizona Willie

Engaged Voter you have made the typical right winger jump to an unwarranted conclusion.
If she has 5 kids she probably works quite hard just taking care of that lot.
If she had a new SUV then she, at one time, was able to qualify for the lease / loan or had enough money to buy it outright.
You have no idea of the circumstances in her life.
She may have gotten laid off and was given food stamps because she now has almost no income because unemployment in Arizona certainly won't support 5 kids and herself and, probably, a husband / significant other / whatever.
You judge her simply because she had food stamps, which I understand these days comes as a credit card so I'm not sure how you knew she was paying with food stamps.

Engaged Voter

DonMey - define "poor people".

If you're talking about people like the "poor" woman in front of me at the grocery store last night, paying with food stamps while talking on an iphone and loading her 5 kids into a brand new SUV...yes, they are lazy, and demonstrably so.


"Cubs & Willie - So you're telling me poor people are just lazy?"

And this is what we get when people try to boil big concepts into a one bullet talking point.


October 24, 2012 - my 28th birthday. It was great!



8th vent - I think you mean Bush 43. Obama is #44, though he's the 43rd man to hold the office. But he (Obama) is still the 44th president, and, God willing, Romney will be the 45th president in 12 days.

(Well, until January 20th, he'll be the "president elect", but you know what I mean.)



Cubs & Willie - So you're telling me poor people are just lazy?

Arizona Willie

Cubs1908, I'm glad to see that you understand the need to raise more income to pay down the National Debt.
Most conservatives don't seem to be smart enough to be able to grasp the principle.
They don't want to pay for ANYTHING.
Right wingers believe that if we just cut all social programs everything would be fine and they wouldn't have to pay another dime.


"I'm sure people in debt would be glad to hear your solution! Just make more money!"

Yes - I know a few people who have gone out and gotten 2nd jobs when they were in a financial crunch. You find more income while at the same time reducing spending in order to reduce debt. It doesn't seem like such a difficult concept.


The Obama Administration was certainly guilty of " some confused assesments and even more rhetoric" in the days following the attck, said the Washington Post. But the Republicans claims of a " deliberate cover-up" are " overblown." The Daily Beast.com, the GOP deserves it's share of the blame too. House Republicans cut the Obama administration's request for embasy security funding by $128 million in 2011, $331 million this year it takes " a set of onions " to cut funding for diplomatic security-and then EXPLOIT A TRAGEDYTO SCORE POINTS IN THE MIDST OF A PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN.
Though thousands of Wall Street jobs have been cut in recent years, total compensation at financial firms rose last year by 4%, to more than $60 billion. That's the highest total for any year except 2007 and 2008.
The Treasury Department, which committed $182 billion to bail out AIG, said it has now turned a $15.1 billion profit on the rescue.

Arizona Willie

DonMey, if you pay more taxes in order to pay down the deficit -- you are NOT paying someone else's bill.
Each and everyone of us owes part of the National Debt.
Any extra tax you pay goes to paying YOUR part of the National Debt.
It is very common for people to take on an extra job in order to pay debts that pop up.
Many families are so tight that if they blow a tire they can't afford to pay for it and have to put it on their credit card.
Basically, that's what the Bush the Lesser did -- he didn't want to raise taxes to pay for the wars he wanted other people to fight, so he put them on the nation's credit card.
The Nation's Debt now is so large we can't even pay the interest on that credit card.
I know you don't want to pay for anything, like a typical Republican, but it is our duty to the country to man up and pay a bit more. The more you have ... the more you should pay.


"It's only common sense to know that when you have great big bills you have to increase your income in order to pay down the credit card balance."

I'm sure people in debt would be glad to hear your solution! Just make more money! The responsible thing to do when you can pay your bills is to reduce your spending, not push your bills onto other people who can "afford" to pay them for you.

Arizona Willie

Fourth venter… The past debates had excellent moderators.

Just because your favorite candidate got his derrière handed to him on a platter with his head stuck in it, doesn't mean the moderators were bad.

They are not there to make your candidate look good.

Arizona Willie

8th venter … It's nice to see a Republican with some common sense for a change.

Usually, all we see here are ultra right wing ideologues.

It's only common sense to know that when you have great big bills you have to increase your income in order to pay down the credit card balance.

Our nation ran up huge credit card balances with two unfunded wars and an unfunded Medicare prescription benefit. All Courtesy of Bush the Lesser.

No amount of spending cuts would have any effect upon the deficit and less they eliminated the Defense Department.

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