'The Vent'

“The venter complaining about too many Mormons in Arizona failed to mention that they are all legal citizens not someone who snuck into the country and think they should collect the benefits that legal citizens do.”

“All the talk and changes for child protection. Let’s arrest all the women, who year after year, give birth to drug addicted children. Those kids suffer so bad from drug withdrawal. Then go into child protection custody. The cost to taxpayers for these very complicated births and after care is so huge but nothing ever gets done about it. Those poor babies suffer so bad and the mother goes out and does it again and again, and never sees these babies again.”

“I predict that the highway death rate will fall in (Colorado) and (Washington). So will the violent crime rate. Cannabis is a substitute for alcohol. Cannabis impairs a lot less than alcohol and doesn’t cause people to become violent. It makes them mellow.”

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