"I do not normally respond to a Vent I read. I usually just form an opinion and let it go. But I have to differ with the Venter last week (8/31) regarding Pat Tillman. The only ones that called Pat Tillman a hero were the politicians who were covering their butts (and kissing up) and the news bureau pundits who had a ‘storyline.' Then, of course, all of the believers who listened to those idiots. If one really knew the story (try watching ‘The Pat Tillman Story'), none of Pat's family regarded him as a hero. He was a high profile individual who decided he wanted to serve his country, period. He was married, so he indeed did leave his wife behind. So that blows mention of that right there. I went to Nam, and have been called a hero. That is/was ludicrous. A hero throws himself on a grenade to protect fellow warriors. A hero is one who attacks an enemy position on his own to help save/protect his fellow warriors. Pat Tillman was not a hero, even his family states that in the documentary. But he was a true warrior and a patriotic American citizen. You, Venter, should write an apology to all of those you offended with your anal and close-minded dialogue."

"Please urge everyone you know to support the proposed Canada-U.S. pipeline. It will create less dependence on importing oil from the Middle East while creating many badly needed jobs in the U.S. as 80 percent of the pipeline would be in the good ol' U.S.A. Don't be fooled by the environmentalists because if the pipeline is not built down to gulf coast it will be built to Canada's west coast with the oil shipped to China for refining while we continue to ship in oil from the OPEC countries. None of that helps the environment and does nothing but hurt the American economy.


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Tribune, these are not "Vents", these are unsigned letters to the editor. You used to have a minimum number of spaces to be a vent. The Tribune is getting sloppy.

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