“Financial advisors tell us to pay the highest-rate debts first. Let’s raise the rate on educational loans as the contract states to get more paid back. You cannot repossess an education!”

“Job creators need their tax breaks to expand their factories and protect their labor force; most American consumers cant fathom the expense of putting up a suicide net around a factory in China. I’m all for using tax breaks to save lives.”

“Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan will work. Hannity explained it on Fox News. When people get hungry just “Let ’em eat cake.” Or was it beans? Doesn’t matter — same solution just a different century.”

“What in the world was our First Lady, Michelle Obama, thinking when she showed up with her husband — the commander in chief of the U.S. military — at Fort Stewart Army base wearing a sleeveless, lipstick-red, cocktail dress? Showing your cleavage to young soldiers to get votes for your husband’s reelection is disgusting. President Obama and his wife have shown that they are not fit to be in the White House now or four years from now.”

“This time I have to agree with the GOP: President Obama shouldn’t get any more campaign mileage off getting Osama bin Laden than President Bush did with his “mission accomplished” ceremony from the deck of an aircraft carrier (but it slips my mind what mission that was).”

“During the Carter campaign, Reagan asked the American people: ‘Are you better off now than you were four years ago?’ Now, as we see what Obama has done to our country, perhaps we should ask each other: ‘Are you more racist now than you were four years ago?’”

“The man who would become president changed his initials from B.S. to B.O. Not much improvement there.”

“The Secret Service was bound to pick up some bad habits after so many years of exposure to presidents.”

“Big, bad government, blah,blah blah. If government is the problem, why is it that ALL of the nations with the world’s most powerful and dynamic economies have big governments — many of them bigger than our own?”

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Dale Whiting

Did anyone notice that today's J. T. Ready story had comments blocked? Was this a story just too hot to permit comments? Just consider the fodder.

An Neo-Nazi, vigilante border crossing patrol leader, and a gun toting grown up Jared Laughner if ever there were one. Zimmerman can't hold a candle next to Ready. And some think the Trib is too liberal! I wonder how many 30+ round magazine clips Ready owned. RIP, Mr. Ready. Were you ready for eternity? Apparently not!


The big question is how to fund the continued reduction of interest rates for student loans. Should we stop giving tax breaks to oil companies or use a federal healthcare slush fund? Which is more dispensable? Wait a minute, if each is more dispensable than student loans, why not get rid of both? you win, I win, We all pay less!!

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