Perhaps you read about it in the paper, or perhaps you found out Thursday. Tempe Police Department is stepping up enforcement on bicyclists. The police department issued warnings on Thursday, and I believe that this is the proper thing to do after a big change in enforcement policy. However the officer dispatched to monitor University Drive’s south sidewalk might as well have issued citations.

The officer stopped me, and I heard the end of his warning speech to the person he had stopped before me. He then asked me and the other bicyclists he’d stopped if we could read the “Ride with Traffic” sign before us, and told us to read it aloud in front of him. We were informed that the citations for this offense would be $150, and he said something to the effect of “I’ll bet you kids can think of better things to spend $150 on.” To my silence he said to me, “Oh, are you financially independent?” We were then allowed to go.

As I said, for the police to spend time issuing warnings of a policy change was noble, but to send an officer who simultaneously demeaned the bicyclists nullified the public relations entirely. I hope that in the future Tempe Police Department will give more thought to who they select to be the face of the department on jobs like this.

Preston Webster


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Arizona Willie

Engaged Voter -- no it's not acceptable -- but it IS common.

Many cops have a god complex and think they can do no wrong.

Engaged Voter

Willie - My point to chatstew was that this type of behavior is NOT acceptable, nor is it written into law to behave in such a fashion.

Law Enforcement Officers who display this irrational type of antisocial behavior need to be removed from the force before they hurt someone.

Arizona Willie

Engaged Voter --- one time, oh about 20 years or so ago, I was driving along a stretch of 4 lane divided highway back in the ol' home country and I knew the cops liked to run traps on that road so I had my cruise control working and was sitting right on the limit.

Pretty soon a guy in a gold Cadillac passed me like I was standing still.

Sure enough, here comes a cop who had been hiding and was in hot pursuit.

As he went by me on my left, I looked over at the cop and grinned.

He slammed on the brakes and it was all I could do to keep from hitting him as he was fishtailing and then he pulled in behind me and pulled ME over.

He gave me a ticket for failing to yield the right of way -- on a divided highway 2 lanes each direction and I was in the slow lane. There was a bunch of rocks etc. along the side of the road where he said I should have pulled over.

I took the ticket to court and beat him like a drum.

I had pictures. [smile]

I grinned because I was happy I hadn't got caught speeding and he was getting someone else.

So, yep, cops love to throw their weight around, and just your facial expression can get you in trouble.

Engaged Voter

Smirking is against the law?

So now facial expressions are justification for police accosting someone?

Oh, it's chatmandu002...nevermind!


I can imagined the silence of your mouth didn't match the smirk on your face that elicited the comments from the police officer. Sounds like someone will end up paying a fine in the near future..

Dale Whiting


So what's new? Nada!

Arizona Willie

Most police officers have that bully mentality. That's why they become cops. They like to push people around and as cops they can do it legally.

Every so often they even get the chance to legally beat the bejeezus out of someone.

Just like the priesthood attracts gays and pedophiles ... the police force attracts bullies.

Some people just get off on being authority figures and telling people what to do.

So they have two choices be a cop or a politician.

I'm sure this isn't true for ALL police --- but for a very very large percentage I believe it is.

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