You got the money, buddy? I got the guns.

The song of the expanding gun industry. The President responds to a National Emergency. One no amount of money will resolve. The NRA leaders and media extremist brand him disloyal. Are they concerned he will interfere with a lucrative business and political culture?

They are producing what modern World classifies as contraband. Don’t the Republicans understand this is more of a threat than Lewinsky?

Gun groups claim the Second Amendment implies an unwritten duty to bear arms against our elected government for serious question of their loyalty to their Constitutional oaths.

The Club For Growth, G. Norquest, ALEC, many PACs and various religious organizations created traps that now prevent some in Congress from exercising their free will to conduct its business.

I am ready, just like Americans were a few years before I was born. Let’s go. I was there for WWII and Korea. I have my old Mouser semi-auto and twelve gauge all clean.

The NRA and their supporters could show good faith by contributing part of their profit to help pay for all needed safety measures suggested, rather than burden taxpayer.

The Constitution obligates all out federal officials is intervention, to pursue, “Justice, insure Domestic Tranquility. Newtown victims are entitled to justice.

Even if only exposing what and why this troubled mother was motivated to maintain such a deadly arsenal.

Richard T, Tracy, Sr


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Mike, lumping all of your enemies together and imagining that they're all part of one conspiracy, or all led by the same evil force, is how a weak and untrained mind deals with people and events it doesn't understand. Rather than having to look objectively at what the opposition is saying, and possibly question your own position, you simply choose to believe that they're motivated by greed.


One thing that would make this country safer after a tragedy like Newtown is if politicians and the msm would not shout for more gun control. That is guaranteed to raise fears and cause a huge spike in gun and ammo sales. Result is far more guns out there. Politicians should push for better understanding of mental illnesses and anti-bullying measures, which would do a far better job of managing this problem. That would be justice.


Gee, McClellan,
Lumping all those bad and evil organizations into one hate-filled focus is really effective--in arousing emotions and ignoring reason.

I am sure that these organizations have weekly committee meetings to determine how they can take more money away from the tax-payers.
Oh, wait a minute, those are Cabinet meetings and Congressional sessions!

What did you mix in the kool-aid education that you fed to the kids all those years when you were teaching?

Mike McClellan

The NRA is one component of the NRA/Weapons Industry/Fox New Complex, dedicated to making money -- the weapons industry is the big funder of the NRA (check out its Ring of Freedom donors, all part of the weapons industry, all big donors to the NRA).

The NRA in turn gins up the paranoia about "They're taking our guns." And Fox News plays the media mouthpiece for that.


More weapons bought by those who buy the propaganda, more money in the hands of he weapons industry, more "donations" to the NRA, more advertising revenue for Fox.

Nice gig.


Yes, if the gun manufacturers could develop guns that would only work when used by the owner of the gun, wouldn't that be something, in the way of safety, at least at some point in the future? But, no one wants to discuss how to make them safer, only how to make them even more available to everyone, including criminals and other mentally deficient beings. No one wants to actually come up with ways to decrease the risks of innocents being killed, because we must constantly talk of guns and the rights of the mentally ill, and endless political meanderings.
There is no justice, Mr. Tracy. Not in this world, anyway...not when it comes to violence, and the capacity of human beings to harm each other and themselves.


The NRA is in the business of protecting the 2nd ammendment at any costs. Those that support the NRA are individuals who enjoy using firearms for sport, hunting and personal protection and the firearms industry which is in the business of selling guns.

Just as the ACLU is in the business of protecting the 1st ammendment at all costs although there is very little financial incentive for them to do so.

The NRA was originally more of a "user" organization but in the last decade or so has it become an industry driven lobby unwilling to consider the benifit of comprehensive ideas over fanatic idealism and politics.


First of all, the NRA isn't a business. They don't have "profit". Second, they do offer lots of free gun safety resources, including classroom gun safety classes from kindergarten on up. But I imagine if the NRA came to your kids' school to talk about guns, you'd throw a fit.

And as for the title: what "justice" are you looking for? The person responsible is already dead.

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