Very strange how the media screamed about the amount of time it took President Bush to send FEMA and government workers and government aid to the individuals who lost their homes, etc. when the hurricane hit New Orleans. Why have we not heard a peep from the media in the past few years while the tornadoes devastated the middle of our country. Why is it that the media showed, and told, of the devastation caused to the hundreds of homes and the individuals living in the states who lost everything they owned to mother nature, but never questioned why the Obama government was not on the scene the very next day, and why the Obama government did not supply homes for those who lost their home and all their belongings in the horrific weather in the past three years?

Could it be it is true that the media is in bed with the most corrupt government this country has ever seen. I would like to think not, but if look at the way the media has reported events, such as how our government has not been able to produce a budget since Obama took office. even though the law says it must. The fact that our government has spent more money in three years since Obama took office than any other time in the history of our nation. The fact that Obama had control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, which were under Democrat control for his first two years in office, and spent like they were drunken sailors on leave, and bailed out all his friends with trillions of our dollars.

It is, in my opinion, true that the majority of news media personalities are definitely not only in bed with Obama but are ignorant enough to think they know what is best for our country and will do all in their power to make certain it happens. You can bet your life that after the changes the media is in favor of now take place, you will be hearing, seeing and reading a different story from from those individuals who are now putting Obama on a pedestal. Watch them change their stripes before your very eyes.

Anthony Milone

Apache Junction, AZ.

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because they werent prodominatly black neighborhoods.

and for the reason vofreason stated..I think it is because the people in the midwest took responsibility for themselves. They were not waiting for someone to solve it for them.

Pancho Villa

The reason why the media ignore this is because the president is a democrat and why homes weren't sent to the victims is because they are white and used to taking care of themselves.


"Next to Katrina and New Orleans, all these tornadoes added together just don't compare."

Yes, the tornadoes covered a much wider area and were more devastating. The government just gets worse and worse, along with more and more expensive. No conspiracy really, people in media are just horribly naive as well as politically correct.


Dale is right and the midwest tends to have far less generational welfare receipients to try to have act in light of catastrophes. New Orleans is the other end of the spectrum.

Dale Whiting

And yes I know. 'Your' is the possive form of 'you' and 'you're' is the contraction of 'you are.' But I type to darn fast and am just to impatient with Tony's logic.

Dale Whiting


Next to Katrina and New Orleans, all these tornadoes added together just don't compare. Local emergency response capabilities, though tested to their limits, have met the demands. I haven't heard of a single governor who has complained. Perhaps FEMA has done a "hell of a job" this time around. We no longer have Brownie to thank.

But Tony, if you want to find conspiracies between this administration and the media, go right ahead and find them. And while your at it, have you heard about that "grassy knoll" in Dallas?

I heard someone just yesterday telling me how unusual the Trade Center Towers fell to the ground. Unfortunately for him, my Dad was a metalurgist and I have a good friend, the structural engineer who surveyed the Muir Building in Oklahoma City after the side was blown off of it. From them I learned that the Trade Centers came down just as one would expect them to do when hit by nearly fully loaded airliners and the inadequate fire supression systems either failed or ran dry.

So conspire as you will. But reasonable people will not be listening.


I agree that Fox seems to do the best at presenting the news in an unbias way.


Obama and company are trying to create a dependent class to keep them in office. Read 'The Prince.'


Absolutely clueless Anthony......get a life and stop listening to Fox'll thank me someday.......REALLY!

And maybe you should check back about 30 and 50 years to the Reagan and Nixon administrations if you want to check on corrupt administrations.

I don't recall anything on the scale of Watergate or Iran-Contra happening recently?

You Repugnants crack me up with your high morality and unflinching standards...LOL

Also, please check out the list of Republicans who have been booted from office or resigned amid scandals!! It will take you quite some time to get through the entire list!


Speaking of double standards.

President Barack Obama denied a permit for TransCanada to build the billion-dollar 1,661-mile Keystone XL oil pipeline, and also called for Democratic senators to oppose and STOP the Keystone pipeline permit, which would carry tar sands oil from western Canada to refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast.

The rising cost of gasoline could jeopardize President Obama's re-election chances. So for Liberal politics and news media coverage, Obama made a stop in the Oklahoma oil town of Cushing, where he tried to sound like he loves oil drilling and refineries.

Touting his energy policy, he announced that he has directed federal agencies to expedite a 485-mile line from Oklahoma to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast that would remove a critical bottleneck in the country's oil transportation system.

Not that Obama was/is at all for the Transcanada pipeline . . . that he stopped in January because of environmental groups’ concern about the potential environmental impact of tar-like bitumen known as oil-sands crude.


I think it is because the people in the midwest took responsibility for themselves. They were not waiting for someone to solve it for them. Think that means they are more like the Tea Party and less like Occupy Wall Street.


Fox cable news comes the closest to actually being fair. Of course you can always listen to Rush Limbaugh to balance the severe left-wing tilt of the main (aka "lame") stream media.


Great letter Anthony and so true.

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