Psycho analyzing

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It matters not what the majority of the voters agree to-- "you can fool most of the people all of the time, . . ." , but there will always be some truth speaker that will tell us what the emperor is wearing.

I am not bitter, I am not fearful.
He is my president, and I retain my God-given right to disagree with his ways of doing "business".


Gee, since I'm a minority now, can I get everything handed to me on a silver platter too? Wait, I'm sorry, I was raised differently. I've EARNED what I've got through hard work and dedication.

Dale Whiting

Abstract01, you are correct. Both Uncle Sam and you are bitter and scared and not thinking clearly [rationally] and the majority of Americans who voted would agree.


Well its a week after the election. Whats your chatter now Abstract01?


This editorial cartoon emphasizes what I believe is the essence of Barack Obama. Whatever comes out of his mouth is no more that a reflection of who/what he is.

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