‘The Doors’ finds niche amid public art in Scottsdale

NEW LANDMARK ART: “The Doors,” a sculpture in front of P.F. Chang’s at Scottsdale and Camelback Roads in Scottsdale, is dedicated Saturday afternoon.

As Lisa Harryman craned her neck to see the reflections inside “The Doors,” a life-sized kaleidoscope sculpture, she said she thought it was fantastic.

“I’m also thinking about how to keep it clean,” she said.

Harryman manages the property at the Waterfront, where the sculpture was officially dedicated on Saturday.

The ceremony at Camelback and Scottsdale roads attracted a large group of city leaders, arts experts and real estate developers to commemorate the largest contribution to Scottsdale’s art collection.

“I brought some friends here the other night, and it’s like you’re stargazing, said Bret Sassenberg, director of Starwood Development.

“The Doors” sculpture by artist Donald Lipski comprises three doors made of Brazilian wood, 28-feet tall, leaning against one another. The interior is lined with reflective steel, creating a kaleidoscope effect that shines with sunlight during the day and LED lights at night.

“It lends itself nicely to the plaza, and there will be artwork on other plazas the public can access,” Sassenberg said. “It’s nice because a lot of artwork ends up in nooks and crannies.”

The sculpture is one of several artworks planned along the Arizona Canal in the future, one of which may be a bridge designed by revered artist Paolo Soleri, who attended the dedication of the sculpture.

“It’s an asset for this area,” Soleri said. “It’s original.”

“The Doors” stands in front of the doors to the P.F. Chang’s restaurant that shares the corner, and manager Manny Chavez said his staff is constantly fielding questions from customers and keeps pamphlets on hand about the piece.

“It’s going to bring us business and attract people who haven’t been to the restaurant,” he said. “Even though it has nothing to do with P.F. Chang’s.”

Later this year, an audio component by artist Jim Green will be added to the sculpture, and will include sounds of Soleri’s bells, Lipski said.

“Like the doors of the great cathedrals of the world, these doors are always open,” Lipski said.

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