Vivian Bickford

Vivian Bickford was treated to a celebration on her 103rd birthday by Broadway Mesa Village Assisted Living and Memory Care.  

Vivian Bickford of Mesa marked a birthday on Sept. 1 that few people can even hope to see: 103.

Vicki, who moved from Hawaii to Broadway Mesa Village Assisted Living and Memory Care in 2018, just a bit before she turned a century.

The Montana native and her late husband owned a ski shop in California for more than 40 years.

“She has one son and lots of extended family,” a spokeswoman for Broadway Mesa Village said.

The secret to her longevity likely rests in the fact that “she’s very fitness-oriented and competitive,” the spokeswoman said. 

She is in second place for most miles walked in the community walking club, has increased attendance at Broadway West Village’s morning exercise program by 50 percent and takes the stairs rather than the elevator every day. 

“Whenever the community has a treasure hunt, walking goal, or discovery activity, she’s the first in line,” the spokeswoman continued. “Ask her anything about skiing and she’ll tell you some stories. 

“She will seldom turn down a chance for an outdoor adventure and is game to do something new although a lot of the time she’ll reply, ‘Been there, done that.’”

Besides what apparently are big muscles, Vicki also has a big heart.

Vicki also has a “passion for bringing people closer to God.”

“She never misses our weekly Bible Study class or worship services,” the spokeswoman said. “She’s known for going out of her way to welcome people and holds get-togethers with wine and a treat in her apartment.

“Many times, residents will find her at their door on their birthdays with a special gift for them. She doesn’t think she’s very sharp, but she comes to our games like Wheel of Fortune, Concentration and Jeopardy and does quite well.

“There’s always a new surprise

when Vivian is around, she keeps us all on our toes.” 

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