Inspire Entertainment

This new performing arts facilities on Greenfield and Baseline roads in Gilbert will not only replace Inspire Entertainment’s current venues in Mesa and Gilbert, but will also offer far more room and amenities for performing artists of all kinds.

Adults and children will soon be able to belt out a tune, act and do high kicks with more elbow room when they move to a much larger performing arts facility in Gilbert.

This week Inspire Entertainment breaks ground on a dirt lot near the southeast corner of Baseline and Greenfield roads for a two-story, 14,000-square-foot building, housing seven large dance studio spaces, a preschool, cafe, recording studio and dancewear boutique. 

The facility expects to open its door next summer or fall.

“We have been planning this building for a year now,” said Eric Sackett, company spokesman. “There will be a dedicated room for tumbling space, room for all our classes we currently have and additional classes we can add.”

The company, which offers classes in dance, music and theatre, currently has two locations in Mesa and at Gilbert, which will both relocate to the new building. 

“We have always believed in the arts,” Inspire’s CEO and founder Michael Sackett said.  “We’ve seen it transform individuals and inspire others to make a difference in the world. This new facility will enable us to do that on a bigger stage.”

He said the Gilbert location was picked because it’s near some important established businesses and it’s also a convenient location right off the U.S. 60.  

Michael Sackett, who has a music background, and LaDawn Pettitt, company president and Chandler resident, opened the first studio at the Gilbert location in 2015, followed by Mesa.

 Michael Sackett, who lives in Mesa, and Eric Sackett, who lives in SanTan Valley, are brothers. 

Inspire has grown from 22 students when it first started to 750 now.

Sackett said the new building will allow the business to grow at the new location, able to accommodate up to 1,200 students. 

Inspire touts its family-centered lifestyle that includes value-based training, modest costumes age-appropriate music and no Sunday training.

The company also has a nonprofit arm – Inspire: music.service.hope,  where each year a group of students go on an international music service tour to developing countries like Puerto Plata, Columbia and Costa Rica, taking supplies and performing service projects.

Sackett said the company has plans to do fundraising to build a theater in the future.

“The sooner the better,” he said. “We’re hoping in the next five years. Hopefully, it won’t take us that long.”

Inspire also has a Fit Club, a music-video production program and a preschool program that centers around music, movement and the arts, while educating 3- to 5-year-olds. More programs are added each year.

Fit Club is one of Inspire’s most recent offerings. The program’s classes at the Gilbert location include yoga, cardio kickboxing, and tap for adults.

“The Fit Club classes for adults are popular,” Sackett said. “Our main goal is to train the youth in the arts but we also want to have offerings for parents. If someone drops their kid off, they can come to a fitness class and simplify their life. Bring the family to one place to do it all.”

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