Campaign to send 3-year-old victim to Disney World

A national nonprofit hopes to raise $5,000 to send a 3-year-old Mesa boy stricken by cancer to Disney World and Give Kids the World Village.

Campaign One At A Time has launched the effort for Mack Porter, who is suffering stage 3 anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

“Macky is a funny, carefree, and loving  boy,” said Nick Ordoñez, OAAT west director. “He loves to give to others and show love to those who might be in pain or sad. He is SO silly and loves to pretend and play tricks.”

Ordoñez said Macky’s journey began on Christmas Eve when his mother noticed visible breathing changes, and he was itchy and scratching his legs until they bled. 

After multiple doctor visits over the next three weeks, he “woke up struggling to breathe from his nap and the family rushed him to the ER,” where a mass in his chest was found.

Campaign One At A Time’s mission is to ensure no child battling a severe illness ever feels alone. 

“Macky and his family have been through so much and still have a long road ahead,” Ordoñez said. “We want to provide them with some happy, life-long memories outside of the hospital and her treatments.”

He said the group is “reaching out to local businesses to see if we can get any support with either donations or getting the campaign more exposure.”


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