Cassy Saba’s sassy necklaces have graced the necks of Beyonce, Alicia Keyes, Brandy and Channel 12’s Lin Sue Cooney.

The Chandler 16-year-old’s jewelry has been featured in more than a dozen national and local magazines, including Teen, Elle Girl and Women’s Wear Daily.

The Hamilton High School junior’s jewelry-making started with glass bead bracelets six years ago. She gradually moved to stones and necklaces, and started approaching stores to sell her line of big, crazy jewelry. Her inspiration comes from her own creativity.

“I kind of think of things in my head,” said Saba, a petite girl with big, tightly curled locks.

Cassy’s Sassy Jewelry is made by Saba in her Chandler home office. Bags of beads, semi-precious stones, crystals, pearls, pendants, wires and clasps hang neatly next to tables lined with dozens of finished pieces. Two body forms are clothed with outfits and accompanying jewelry, ready to be worn by Saba for a night out with friends, or just a fancy day at school.

Her varied necklaces are suited for every age group, from pink skull necklaces for teens to coral or turquoise masterpieces for business wear. Her friends buy her jewelry. Her mom buys it. Even her neighbors buy it.

Neighbor Mary Krausman exclusively wears Saba’s jewelry. She estimates she has 400 of Cassy’s Sassy pieces, and said she loves every one of them.

“It doesn’t matter what I wear, I get comments on my jewelry everywhere I go,” said Krausman, 51, a full-time mom. “It’s just remarkable. It’s unique. It’s beautiful. She’s got quite a flair for design.”

Saba was “so excited” to be one of 12 national finalists of the Guardian Life Insurance Co.’s seventh annual Girls Going Places Entrepreneurship Award Program, for which Krausman nominated her. Saba received a $1,000 scholarship for the award that recognizes teen business owners who demonstrate exceptional entrepreneurship and community service. Following graduation, Saba plans to get a degree in business.

Clients are invited to her home office so Saba can pair them with jewelry or make a unique piece for a wedding, dance or party. She will also go to a client’s house for home jewelry parties.

Her jewelry is sold at more than a dozen boutiques, including Fleurt at Scottsdale’s Gainey Village, Amy Inc. at East Phoenix’s Biltmore Fashion Park, and Chandler’s Ché Casa, Walt’s Jewelers, The Blue Peacock and Gotta Have It. Her pieces are also available at stores in California, New York, New Jersey, Texas and New Mexico.

Saba’s mom is “like totally supportive.” Sandra Saoud exclusively wears her daughter’s jewelry and sells her pieces at her Chandler charm and etiquette school, Sincerely Sandra.

“She has a really good eye,” Saoud said. “I’ve always known her jewelry was special. I’d wear it and someone would buy it right off me. It’s fun and it’s what you wear.”

Saba’s dream is to have a jewelry line in a department store and design jewelry for the stars.

For information on Cassy’s Sassy Jewelry, visit

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