One of the million or so Bottom Line readers called with a question related to the Broadway 101 Commerce Center on the former Motorola site in Mesa.

Well, the query actually wasn’t about the center but 20 acres to the east of it near Dobson and Broadway roads. It seems a few hundred cars have regularly been parked on the raw parcel.

“You’ll see these white unmarked buses in and out,” said the reader. “It must be individuals coming in and parking their car because they put sun screens to keep the sun out and then it’s totally empty when they leave. They’ve got portable flood lights up and then it’s totally empty again. I’ve never seen which way the buses go in particular but it looks strange to see that many cars out there and then nothing.”

We did some checking.

Andy Markham at Grubb & Ellis-BRE, the company marketing the commerce park, said the land is not part of the center. The owner in leasing the acreage to Banner Desert Medical Center.

Nancy Neff, hospital spokeswoman, says the land is being used for overflow parking for staff while Banner goes through a $305 million expansion.

“This is big sacrifice our employees are making,” she said.

“They’re parking a mile away. We have shuttles that are running continuously but it adds some time to their day. People are really gracious about it. We want to make sure the limited amount of parking we had left while we’re building a parking garage, we had to make sure it was available to our patients and visitors.”

Banner is also set to start construction on a new children’s tower.


Nothing like a little human flesh to get the point across about vanishing pensions.

Fountain Hills-based Stewardesses Stripped, which is actually listed with state officials as a limited liability company, is producing its second calendar in its fight against pension loss.

The flight attendants have put out their calendar “More Stewardesses Stripped” 2007.

The goal of the group is to use scantily clad bodies to draw attention to workers and retirees who have been, or are about to be, “stripped” of their defined benefit pension plans.

Twelve active and retired flight attendants from six major airlines symbolically stripped for the calendar. Last year’s edition sold 10,000 copies.


Did you noticed the Qwest newspaper advertisements featuring Matt Leinart Monday? A tad misleading, maybe?

Sure enough there’s the football star standing in a red jersey. Only it’s not an Arizona Cardinals one. Instead, it says Qwest and there’s a “Q” on the sleeve. The ad identified Leinart as an Arizona quarterback, but it was before he signed with the Cardinals.

Wasn’t that kind of an admission he was about to sign with the team? He did do later in the day.

They must be paying him well. He bought a $2.4 million home in Ahwatukee Foothills a week or so ago. How do you qualify for a home loan when you don’t yet have a day job?

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