Don Chenevert of Mesa

Don Chenevert of Mesa knows all about the road to better health.

A Northeast Mesa fitness studio is ready to help people who want to lose the weight they might have gained during the pandemic’s stay-at-home season.

And Don Chenevert of Better You Personal Training Better, 755 E. McKellips Road, knows from personal experience how to do it.

He details on his website how he decided a few years ago it was time for a change and how he became more active and through “healthy eating and daily exercise, my weight was dropping quickly.”

“In nine months, I went from 245 pounds down to 175 pounds,” he explains. “Since losing weight I felt the need to help others, so I went to the National Academy of Sports Medicine to become a personal trainer.”

After he became certified in March 2019, Chenevert started working at a local gym “to gain practical experience on what I learned in the classroom.”

Now, his studio offers private one-on-one personal training that will help patrons “lose weight, reduce stress, better yourself one workout at a time.”

Offering a chance to clients to “take control of your health and fitness, Chenevert said they’ll get lasting results “and live an active, stress free life.”

“If you’ve become sedentary, gained weight and no longer recognize the person in the mirror, call us,” he said. “Too many people put their families and career before health and don’t take action until the time is ‘right,’ which never comes. It doesn’t have to be that way.”

 His program is customized to help clients lose weight, get stronger, reduce stress, improve balance, be more active “and plain and simply be your best self.”

“Being active and doing things you did in your 20’s doesn’t need to be a thing of the past,” he said, adding that with the right program, strength training, cardiovascular training and the oft-neglected recovery people will get control of their health and life and live with a lot less stress.


Information: 480-206-2898 or

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