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Anna Marie Stone’s career in staging homes led to her store, Estate Sale Outlet in Apache Junction. A Northeast Mesa resident, Stone enjoys sharing her “finds” with customers.

Northeast Mesa resident Anna Marie Stone has done plenty in her life. She’s owned a cleaning business in Atlanta, worked with the likes of Don Williams and Mickey Gilley on fundraisers and staged homes for sale. 

Now she’s hosting customers at Estate Sale Outlet in Apache Junction, selling items on consignment from sales she organized. 

“We had so much overflow from the estate sales. We had people say, ‘Can you take this on consignment?’ Finally, it clicked.

“I said, ‘Let’s just see if we can open a store because there are so many nice things here.’ I have a lot of leftover items because I don’t have long to sell it—two to three days max.”

Stone’s store is charming, filled with a fun collection of memorabilia, furniture, vintage lamps and china and artwork. Recently, her store was damaged from the late November rains, but she’s hoping to have regular business hours soon. 

Stone got her eye for design and collectibles from her 90-year-old mother, Marjorie Cassella, who lives in Georgia but visits frequently. 

“Everybody knows my mom,” Stone said with a laugh. “I have a lot of close relationships with my customers. When they come into my store, they always get a hug. 

“I had three Italian girls come in and they are a hoot. We’re always laughing and we hug. I’m Italian and Italian people are amazing.”

Estate sales are just associated with people who have passed. One of Stone’s clients was downsizing so he could move into an RV and travel. 

“We get a lot of people who are maybe in their fifties or early sixties and they’re just selling everything and going into RVs,” she said. “One of our clients had these huge columns, probably 12 feet high. I ended up buying them for my house. He had the nicest stuff there.”

Stone also owns Staging Pays Off LLC, a professional home staging, interior design, organization and photography business. Hosting estate sales was a natural progression from staging. 

Because of the sales she continues to conduct throughout the Valley, the Estate Sale Outlet store’s inventory changes regularly. 

“I find real gems and it’s a pleasure to share them through Estate Sale Outlet,” she said.


Address2114 Apache Trail #4, Apache Junction, AZ 85120
Phone(480) 383-3823


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