OverEasy Restaurant in Mesa

OverEasy Restaurant in Mesa has found its traffic increasing since it reopened after the first month or so of the pandemic, as customers are lured by tasty breakfast items like this French toast.

If you’re looking for a quality scratch-made brunch with a touch of the Midwest then OverEasy, may be the breakfast joint for you. 

Owner and general manager Chris Terpay claimed that once the restaurant at 6451 E. Southern Ave. in Mesa reopened for dining in after last spring’s pandemic-driven shutdown, his numbers were even better than they before the coronavirus struck.

“During the shutdown numbers dropped by approximately 60 percent, but once we reopened inside dining, numbers increased by approximately 20 percent more than they were before COVID-19 happened,” said Terpay. 

Only a few employees were working when the restaurant resorted to takeout-only while others had to wait until indoor service could resume. Terpay said he brought back the rest of his staff as soon as that happened.  

“I think we handled the COVID-19 shutdown amazingly and super efficiently. We got to-go’s immediately on the website, upgraded our platforms, sanitized immediately, limited capacity after reopening and I believe we did everything we could have to recover smoothly,” said manager Paige Ruth. 

The restaurant lost some regulars because a majority are older and at higher risk. But they remained loyal customers by ordering their favorites online.  

“Regulars are very important to OverEasy, they are the glue to the brand, here four or five days a week, creating a constant flow of traffic coming in for us,” said Terpay. 

Terpay said OverEasy prides itself on hospitality and one of his main goals is to ensure that every guest is treated equally and provided with the best service possible to make customers feel at home.

“The service you get here is very personal. It’s close to where I live and everybody is so friendly, so it is just a great place to be and have my breakfast,” said Mesa local and regular customer Dennis Tucker. 

The restaurant has not had much difficulty with their mask policy. OverEasy does encourage masks, and the staff said they’ve had more compliance than resistance from their customers.   

Terpay said the staff will continue to wear masks, and the restaurant will encourage customers to wear masks but if a guest chooses not to wear a mask, they will not be denied service. 

Many employees have been at the location for several years.  

“It is very much like a family relationship with all of the coworkers, everyone gets along, and all the clientele seem to really care about the servers as well,” said server Mckenzie Wessing.

OverEasy is currently hiring and Terpay is looking for “someone with good ethics who is motivated, reliable and hard-working.”

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