Chandler optician Michael Garcia

Chandler optician Michael Garcia has van to help him provide eye examinations and new glasses and contact lenses.

Pun intended, but Michael Garcia knows a business need when he sees one.

The Chandler optician has launched a business that helps busy people get glasses without going out of their way or interrupting their busy schedule at work.

He brings everything to them – including the optometrists, the equipment and a vast array of frames.

A licensed optician since 2001, Garcia teamed up with optometrists Dr. Kerri Luce and Dr. John Riley and optician Joy Perluisi to form Sight on Site Mobile Eye Care.

Garcia said he has been an optician for too long to not bring a little bit of mobility to his profession.

“I have realized the convenience Mobile Eye Care offers is much needed because people delay getting eye exams. Even when they know they need to get an updated prescription, they put it off until it is too late and they either can’t see anymore or they broke their only pair of glasses,” he explained.

While the business has been in its formative stages for two years, it was only in the last month that the partners began making appointments to bring their service to businesses.

Depending on the size of the business and their own availability, he and his staff can typically set up appointments in less than six weeks.

“We can see up to 20 people in a day and need to see at least 12 in one day in order to visit a business,” Garcia said.

“We do serve small businesses and let them know that if they cannot get 12 people to sign up, they can also invite friends, family and neighboring businesses. Another option is having an office building host us to serve all businesses in the building.”

While they make their appointments mainly Monday-Friday, he expects Sight on Site will also be rolling over to community events eventually.

“The employer has to allow us to come visit, but we recommend employees that would like us to visit let their HR know or contact us and we can reach out to their employer,” he said.

A comprehensive Eye Exam is $69 and contact lens evaluations are an additional $59. 

In addition to more than 350 frame styles to choose from, Sight on Site also is the only optical business in the state offering 3DNA Eyewear, which allows customers to design your own style. 

While the business accepts some insurance, Garcia said he encourages businesses to work out special group rates with him.

Garcia said the biggest challenge he has faced with his new business is people to try it.

“Employees love this benefit, but being such a new concept, the employees do not know they love it until they experience it for the first time,” he said.

He estimates that an average visit to a bricks-and-mortar optician takes about four hours, including the time to get there and back.

“When we are on-site, the employee gets their eye care done in 25 percent of the time. Imagine if we saw 40 employees: that’s 120 saved hours right there alone,” he said, adding:

“Once a business understands what we are doing, they are excited to have us.” 

Information: 480-331-6360, or

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