Paul Babeu

Paul Babeu at the Grace Inn in Ahwatukee Foothills Tuesday.

Armed conflict in Arizona between sheriff's deputies and heavily equipped drug cartel squads is inevitable, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said Tuesday during a speech in Ahwatukee Foothills.

"We're expecting a conflict," Babeu told the Ahwatukee Republican Women's organization at the Grace Inn, 51st Street and Elliot Road. "I absolutely believe you're going to see that happen in the next 30 to 60 days. It's not like I'm trying to start a war with the cartels. They're coming through like they own this place, and we're trying to stop them. I pray that every time, they surrender."

About 70 people turned out to hear Babeu, who was re-elected recently to a second term as president of the Arizona Sheriff's Association. A self-described friend and ally of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Babeu has risen to the forefront of the national debate over illegal immigration and is an outspoken critic of what he believes is the federal government's adversarial relationship with Arizona and federal officials' failure to secure the U.S. border with Mexico.

"The federal government has literally become an enemy who is fighting us, and I have not been afraid to fight them," he said.

Babeu ripped into Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's contention that the border is as safe and secure as it has ever been. Last year in the eastern portion of Arizona's two sectors, which includes Phoenix and Tucson, the U.S. Border Patrol reported apprehending 241,000 illegal immigrants. However, the agency estimates there were an additional 400,000 illegal border crossers in this sector that were not caught, he said.

"Close to 20 percent already have criminal records established in America," Babeu said.

A significant percentage of illegal immigrants caught in Pinal County are from countries other than Mexico, he said, including "countries of interest" such as Yemen, Somalia and Syria.

"Nations whose governments have sponsored terrorists or are anti-American," Babeu said.

After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the public was told to be vigilant and not be lulled into a false sense of security, he said.

"Our own federal government is the one who is trying to lull us into a false sense of security," Babeu said.

Drug seizures in Pinal County have more than doubled in the last two years, while the number of high-speed police pursuits rose from 142 in 2007 to 340 in 2010, he said.

The federal Bureau of Land Management has erected more than a dozen signs in Pinal County warning people to stay away from places designated as active drug and human smuggling areas where visitors might encounter armed criminals. Drug cartels have infiltrated the U.S. and have set up observation posts to ensure their shipments make it through, Babeu said.

He likened the cartel's activities in the U.S. to a foreign insurgency.

"Less than 30 miles from where we are now, they have 50 locations in Pinal County that are scout locations," Babeu said. "They're providing safe passage for drug and human smuggling coming though our county. They're reinforcing their supply routes."

On Oct. 25, cartel hitmen killed an informant who was working for the Sheriff's Department, shooting him a half-dozen times, he said.

"A cartel hit in Pinal County. That's what we've arrived at," Babeu said.

In another recent incident, the cartels sent a team of heavily armed assassins to Arizona to dispatch bandits that had been robbing drug mules, he said.

"Certainly they've destabilized their country," Babeu said of the Mexican cartels. "That stuff is coming here."

Deputies have discovered abandoned vehicles used by bandits that have been made up to look like police cars, complete with spotlights, sirens and red and blue lights, he said. Such tactics not only could lead illegal immigrants to distrust U.S. law enforcement, but it could touch off a gunfight if deputies attempt to confront armed men, he added.

"They may believe we're bandits saying we're the sheriff," Babeu said.

He endorsed a plan put forward by Arizona senators John McCain and Jon Kyl to send armed U.S. soldiers to the border and to construct a double-barrier security fence. Additionally, Babeu said authorities should hold illegal immigrants in custody for longer periods as a deterrent to repeat offenders, rather than using the current system of "catch and release."

"The core problem is an unsecured border," Babeu said. "I've asked (President Barack Obama) to give me a half hour and I'd give him the solution to the border. He hasn't called me back."

He accused Napolitano, Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder of "throwing up their hands and saying, ‘We can't do it'" and of portraying local authorities as racial profilers instead of as protectors and enforcers of the law.

"We do have the answer to secure the border. It's not beyond us. That is literally un-American for them to say that," Babeu said. "How have we arrived at this point in America, that it's the job of the local sheriff to fight cartels from a foreign country?"

As for the drug cartels, he said, "I want to say to them publicly, ‘You're not coming through.'"


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Is he predicting this or just hoping for it? Babue: no such thing as bad press as long as they spell his name correctly. Hype and hyperbole. Smoke and mirrors. And everybody buys into it one way or the other because of the emotional hit below the belt. He may not be much of a Sheriff, but you have to admit he's a hell of a politician. In two years time he has taken every page out of Arpaio's book and then done him one better.

Ron White was only half right. it's not that you can't fix stupid, it;s that there are so many of you out there that you can't fight stupid!



Here's another story about how dangerous it is. The truth is right in front of you. I wonder, are you an ILLEGAL alien (or someone that's related to one in the USA), cartel member, or complete moron. Hard to tell, I admit...


Rich stated: "Babeu is preparing to stage more phony desert shoot-outs." Really? Why don't you tell that to Brian A. Terry. Want to know why you can't? He was just another victim of those "phoney desert shoot-outs" you claim happen. Here's hoping you go down there with a camera in order to prove how phony it all is. Don't bother ducking as the bullets graze by you, just keep telling yourself it's all an illusion. Then have another sip of the Kool-Aid you've been drinking!!


I am sorry every one I think Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is doing a great JOB I was a volunteer for Gila County Sheriff office and saw a lot I will back the Sheriff all the way KEEP the good job and always remember me and my family we all have your back when you need our help [beam] GOOD JOB SHERIFF PAUL BABEU


Yeah, yeah, and the sky's falling too. Shut up Baboon! Arpaio Jr. must be feeling neglected.


Ummm, no big deal getting into a firefight with MX Drug Cartel
mules or assassins in Pima, Pinal or Maricopa Counties, AZ.
Babeu & Arpaio should talk to Gila County Mountie Sheriff Armer & his Posse about firefights with MX Drug Cartel Marijuana growers in the Tonto & Sitgreaves Nat'l Forest during Spring, Summer & Fall of the year. Hell, the MX Mafia/Drug Cartel has been growing 15,000-50,000 Marijuana
plant crops on their hidden farms there since 2002, getting 2 crops a year of POT. Their illegal MX Drug Cartel growers guard & cultivate the POT crops, camping out in remote spots armed with AK-47s & other weapons...5-6 in a group.
AZ Bear, Deer & Elk hunters run into them a lot, so U better pack beau_coup, heavy-duty, heat to protect Urself if need be. 20 AZ bear hunters + friends got into a major fight with 6-10 of these illegal MX Drug Cartel bad_guys 2-3 years ago & the bad_guys took off & 1 was caught. U.S. Forest Service patrol these areas on horseback packing mucho_heat, too, so no big deal to us with summer homes in Payson, AZ or Globe, AZ. Besides, we go mucho retired Marines & Arm-types living in the Payson area just itching to jack-up the bodycount on these bad_guys growing Marijuana illegally in Tonto & Sitgreaves Nat'l Forest. Ole Gila County Mounty Sheriff Armer & his Posse + DEA doing
a good job up there. Besides, it gives us ole Vietnam Vets something to do during the summers other than trout fishing...hehehe.


I vouched for you once Rich, take things in balance or Egypt with guns it will be.


said before and I am saying it again, why am afraid to go in vekeo even as well armed as I am? I don't care about kojax, come 110 My hair is going away.


Why would the cartels bother with the good sheriff unless he is a problem for them. You both call him a carny act and say he's a threat to the cartels in one post. Rich, you and your reconquista friends don't fool anyone here. Sheriffs Babeu, Arpaio, and Dever are the backbone of the fight to keep your kind south, and we will win.



I have a feeling you're right. Unless there is a newsworthy event in Pinal County Sheriff Kojak is going to get "targeted" by "The Cartels." The guy's a walking carny act. What a shame 'law enforcement' in Arizona has no value outside of entertainment.


For a pretend cop you sure don't have much respect for one of their finest hillsh!t. Mr pretend cop always badmouthing good cops that do the job we elect them to do. Why don't you go live down in Mexico so you'll be surrounding by Mexicans if you like them so much? Believe me when I say we wont miss you mr pretend cop.


Ahwatukee Foothills? I did not know Pinal Co. extended that far north. This guy gets ants in the pants if he goes a week w/o saying something outrageous so the media will parrot him. I thought we already had a shooting between PCSO and the cartels? Oh that's right, Purrol was labeled a nut and a liar so he was ditched and forgotten. This dude is plain funny.

Prediction- The "Cartels" will issue another death threat to Babeu real soon, and he will promptly report it to the media. Just watch.


if anyone believes the shootout was staged, I suggest planning a shootout against those.


Been quite a while since the feds have been doing that job smith. Now it's time for the states to intervene. Too long since our southern border has been treated with disrespect. Time to take action is now.


Section 4. The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.

I would say that covers the border, invasion.


my mak 90 chinese junk sold it.


clarify AMD 65 is a Hungarian AK rifle made for tank use


I a fight is coming! I'm going to go steel one of those signs. shot any get in my way or they me. I just would like some body armour. Also AMD 65 with few drums.


If she lived anywhere near 80 miles from the border she would understand how dangerous it is. The drug cartels have practically taken this land from Americans. The feds put up signs telling Americans not to venture into this land, but the open border reconquistas try to tell us it isn't all that bad. Tell that to the ranchers down there that fear for their lives and have to deal with tons of litter left behind. Carolyn, can't you feel anything for the hundreds of thousands of Arizonans who are negatively impacted daily by this invasion? It's so sad to see good basically good Americans turn on their own kind, or are you?


Carolyn got up too early. Her brain hasn't kicked in yet. Or is ist ...what brain?


Jenn you should send her a map and let her drive down vekio rd. Then she can see for herself.


I do just love it when those who criticize and have never been out and seen it for themselves.


Just keep your head in the sand Carolyn. iIt's scary out here in the real world


To: Pinal County Board of Supervisors

I know you wouldn't give him the piles of $$ he wanted to start his private war, and I know you told him "no" on all of the new "rifles" (wink, wink), but this guy is still in the news 'way too much. I'm pretty sure he's supposed to be a full time sheriff so could you, sorta, have him write a few more reports and attend a few more meetings and along the way figure out what he's NOT doing and get him refocused? Please?


I wonder what drugs Babeu is on - as he has finally gone over the edge. Sounds like rrjenn has gone over the edge with Babeu. The inmates have taken over the asylum.



Javelina are in the stalking. Move very slowly and stand stock still and shots of ten, fifteen yards come up. At twenty they're too (darn) quick to hit and you chase the blood trail forever. A lot of guys I know use a cable cannon (Compound bow) but tend to hold it too long to aim and the pig gets a clue. A nice recurve you've got about a second (one thousand one) to aim before you let it go is best. I use a warf at forty-nine now. If you want to hunt the valley all really need to do is get good from ten to fifteen. A guy on the recurve site says he shot one at thirty, but that's sort of like the guy who says he caught a fifty pound bass on a forty pound line.



1 1/2lb Javelina, cubed
1/2lb Pork fat cubed
1Tbls salt
3 Tbls ground fennel seed. Grind it before adding
11/2 Tbls paprika
3 or 4 cloves minced fresh garlic
2 tsps sugar
1tsp black pepper
Shot glass full red wine (Chianti, Sangiovese)
1Tbls red wine vinegar

Mix all the ingredients together then grind, Bass has natural hog casings to stuff, let sit in frig about a day, then freeze or eat.

Hungarian? Don't have that one, Kielbasa I got. Your turn.


Rich, if you can kill Javelina with a bow, I will vote for whoever you want in the next 2 years. I happen to a have a recurve bow, needs a new string and then sometime taking it to the chandler park. I'm not a good shot with bow though..


yeah, fat asses climb to hill and shoot at a barn, then get in there pretty 2 legers. Curious have any of you been to that sort of stock building? Last time I was there BLM rolled up on me. Wondering why I might be there.


I jest on things. Javelina sausage, sounds tasty, one tradition I have is Hungarian sausage. Spicy and flavor full and when smoked better.


Sometimes I think you people have about the IQ of a box of rocks. Babeu is announcing this. The cartels will simply go around Pinal County while Babeu scrambles to make himself and Pinal County a base of operations against the Cartels. He couldn't do them any bigger favor if he was in their employ.

Emp, hunt there myself, for years now.Have a great recipe for Italian sausages made with Javelina. Never seen a cartel member, have seen some idiots in 'camouflage' and rifles they probably can't hit the ground with.


Rich and abi, I really wonder what kind of people you are. Such comments as "Babeau staging other phony desert shoot-outs" is beyond stupid. What about the BLM posting signs warning people to stay out of certain areas in ARIZONA? I mean Arizona, not Mexico. I will never go back to that filthy and corrupt country.

I guess that all the illegal drug runners and human smugglers are just a figment of our imagination?

Emporer Smith, I like you better all the time. The Feds have abandoned us and it's all up to us to either take more of the same or stand up and fight. Many people are ready to take our country back.


How about arming and taking back the border, I'll even rent a backup for the illegal fertiliser


Why don't we just tell the Feds that Muslims are in danger or want to build a mosque there. Help is on the way.


nothing is going to change. except maybe fire fight among citizens. Some would call us militia or maybe even vigilante. Because they stand vigilant. Fed s have abandoned us.


This problem is nothing a few A-10's and a President with half a brain could'nt solve. Sheriff Babeau has the right answers. I real American fight with the scum that is out to mess with America is the answer. Take it to them. They'll run like the mams's boys they really are. These drug and human smugglers are not tough guys. They just have guns and no one to stop them from using them. Take the fight to them, follow them over the border and whip them out... game over. What's Mexico going to do when America crosses into their border? Fences make for good neighbors. And I think after 30,000 good people in Mexico have been killed, they might welcome a little American influence.


"I have just one question for those that support the invasion by illegals? What is your gain from it?"

We DON'T support the invasion of ANYBODY!!!!!! We also don't support HYPERBOLE!!!!

Politicians are NOT honest and they tend to exaggerate! Sheriff Babeau is just giving lip service because if he knows where those outpost are, he'd go after these guys and put them on surveillance in order to establish what he's stating. But of course, that wasn't his point in his speech. It was only to alarm you and others to facts that have yet materialized. You should be disgusted about his alarmist mentality and tell him to do his job and provide the proof necessary to establish whatever enforcement actions he believes are necessary to counter the facts on the ground.


It just floors me to read some of these posts. How can anyone that lives near the border not be aware of the lawlessness and violence infiltrating our state/country?

I don't necessarely agree with sherrif Babeau's time frame of 30 to 60 days before the violence escalates to unexceptable proportions, but I do believe that the day will come when people had enough and will rise to defend our country. We need sherrifs such as sherrif Babeau, Dever and Arpaio that are willing to risk their life in order to protect us from the drug cartels and criminal aliens.

I have just one question for those that support the invasion by illegals? What is your gain from it?


I'll say one thing. I go hunting in Vekeo valley. I'm going have body amour and a bunch of 33 mags.

Dale Whiting

Now we have a second utility for Slabside's 33 round magazines, equipping Sheriff Babeu's deputies. The first was slaughering vermin in groups of 33 at a time.

Slabside, it would appear that I can do a better job of justifying those magazines that can you. Want to donate yours to Sheriff Paul? Perhaps someone could donate a video camera for those shoot outs Rich expects to be staged!



How am I open border? Is it because I question some supposed facts the Sheriff is stating? is it because I spot the contradictions in his statements? It's obvious reading comprehension isn't something you excelled at in school. Your view is myopic and always based on innuendo and not facts. Didn't you read the article? I'm not infuriated because sooner or later the truth will catch up with the Sheriff and he'll have a hard time explaining himself. Again your responses are just ad hominem attacks because you've stated no facts except personal assaults because they're not even truthful.


Abi, all there is to say about you is that you suck. Oh I could go on about what a douche bag un-American, open border, socialist you are, but that's obvious to anyone who reads the cr@p you write here. All of you who are bad mouthing the good sheriff do so only because he is for the rule of law in not wanting Mexicans and other illegals to flood across our border. That it says he's a good friend to both Sheriff Joe and the people of Arizona just infuriates your hatred all the more. You love Sheriff Dumbdick because he's an open border pro illegal immigration idiot, but you'll never admit it cause your all a bunch of anti-white, Mestizo lovers that would probably love to see Arizona become another sh!thole state of Mexico.


In other words Babeu is preparing to stage more phony desert shoot-outs. He needs to take his act to a dinner theater before someone gets hurt.


"The core problem is an unsecured border," Babeu said. "I've asked (President Barack Obama) to give me a half hour and I'd give him the solution to the border. He hasn't called me back."
sounds like mccain during the presidential election. i can stop the war in iraq but you have to elect me first.

"They may believe we're bandits saying we're the sheriff," Babeu said.
except they look like pancho villa...



It's time you open your EYES, unless facts aren't something you want to look at. Look at the facts and question what ANY and EVERY politician says. Everybody knows it's a problem but we don't need to embellish it, just state the facts, which is something as we've seen through the previous election cycles tend to be exaggerated. As much as I see why people are frustrated, I don't believe policy should be made based on frustration but on the REAL facts. Maybe it's something you and the likes of rrjenn need to adhere to if you want folks to believe what you're saying.


Can Babeu just stay in his county?


abimopectore....It's time you open your eyes and see what's going on around you. This isn't make belief or a fairy tale, it's a very serious and dangerous problem.

In hind sight I shouldn't even have bothered addressing you. Even you have to understand the frustration and anger over the governments "do nothing" attitude. You obviously live in a world far away removed from the real world.



You are the classic example of the cretinous mentality that resorts to foul language, lies, innuendo, and ad hominem attacks instead of intelligent factual discussion. Your comment sums up your character.

Save America

I am more willing to believe this Sheriff than those who have their heads in the sand. We are being invaded, and all the Feds can do, is turn their self serving heads.
Our Ranchers have asked for help. Things are getting bad, and it won't get better until our borders are really secured, and all the low life criminals rounded up and deported.


Feds are our enemy. They have always been the enemy of states. For all of you who do not live near the border, Just shut the F@CK up.


Just what we need Arizona! A Babyu sheriff who will fight the Federal Government.
"The federal government has literally become an enemy who is fighting us, and I have not been afraid to fight them," Babeu said.
Geeeez, does everybody become an enemy? I can see it already - 'we had to spend $$$$$ to fight the Federal Government.'


The "Gun Dealer" argument has NO place in this thread, although it is a valid and credible point. These buyers are American citizens who need to be arrested and charged with treason (at the least). Licensed gun dealers who sell in such quantities can't be that naive about the end-user.
Now, for the Pinal Co issue. We have a serious problem here, and you would be surprised at the amount of local support Babeu is getting.
Many Hispanic and Native American/Mix families living in rural areas, harboring illegals, accepting money for help or for looking the other way. Many of their own have criminal ties and it becomes a conduit for more crime.
No wonder local WalMart sells out their ammo dept almost as soon as it is stocked onto the shelves.


I agree it sounds a bit overblown but would you like to go see for yourself?


Fine, Sheriff, but when are you and other law enforcement officials going to forcefully speak up and urge Arizonans and their legislators to stop the AZ gun stores from selling all the AK-47s and similar assault weapons to individual buyers in bunches? It sure looks like WE are arming the enemy here.


If there ever was an alarmist, Babeau is it. He's making pretty strong claims like:

1) Regarding armed conflict, ""I absolutely believe you're going to see that happen in the next 30 to 60 days."

2) A significant percentage of illegal immigrants caught in Pinal County are from countries other than Mexico, he said, including "countries of interest" such as Yemen, Somalia and Syria.


It would be good if reporters checked ALL his supposed facts. I know there's a problem but he seems bent on making more of it than what's truly going on. Why do I say that? Well look at what he's saying here:

--> "Less than 30 miles from where we are now, they have 50 locations in Pinal County that are scout locations," Babeu said. "They're providing safe passage for drug and human smuggling coming though our county. They're reinforcing their supply routes."

and then he states at the end of the article:

---> As for the drug cartels, he said, "I want to say to them publicly, ‘You're not coming through.'"

So are they getting through or not? What's the truth? This sounds more like a political speech, light on facts, except commentary to rouse his blind followers.

A good reporter should go verify his facts to see if he's being honest or is just another politician.

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