Get a lifeDear Editor:I suppose C.W. Griffin would prefer that we cast our vote for Shrillary "Pinocchio-nose" Clinton, or Barack "Rezko-is-my-friend" Obama?Get a life C.W. Your rants are verging on "It takes a village... to raise an idiot."Jim Thompson

More action needed at homeDear Editor:Let me get this straight. The economy is in a slump, stocks are sinking, our dollar is utterly valueless, home sales crash and foreclosures loom, Congress passes a tax rebate for all working/retired Americans, the Fed takes bold steps to stimulate housing and loans.

Am I right so far?

Now, due to the ridiculous cost of fuel, we lose three airlines in a week, unemployment is up, property crime/theft is on the rise nationwide, New Orleans is still a mess, tornadoes wreak havoc, flooding causes millions in damage. Seems to me that our government needs to focus on the immediate homefront and stop worrying about all the other country's problems.We, the People, need more action at home and get ourselves back in shape, fast.

Chuck Whaller



Dare to question theory of evolutionDear Editor:As an adult who volunteers much of my time to work with high school students, I have been both surprised and concerned as they relate to me what they are being taught in their science classrooms, particularly when it comes to the topic of origins.

It is deeply troubling to me that much of the information that they are being taught is either outdated or misleading (for example, the Miller-Urey experiment, peppered moths, Haeckel's fraudulent drawings, etc.). But what's even more disturbing is all of the recent scientific evidence that they have never been allowed to hear. I guess that I really shouldn't be too surprised, as we are living in a day when fairness, open-mindedness, tolerance and freedom of thought are valued in every aspect of life except when the topic of origins is on the table.

Over the past several years, I've noticed a disturbing trend within the academic community where a certain elite group has gone out of its way to silence, harass, oppress, intimidate and severely punish anyone, especially scientists, who would dare to question the theory of evolution.

That is about to change.

On April 18, certain select theaters will have their premier showing of Expelled- No Intelligence Allowed. This riveting new documentary is hosted by actor, economist and former presidential speech writer Ben Stein. With his characteristic dry wit, Ben takes this topic head-on as no one else can. Shot in 10 countries on four continents, Expelled chronicles his search for answers as he interviews both dissenters and proponents of Darwin's theory.

To find out more about this provocative and eye-opening film, go to their Web site and view the movie trailer at Better yet, go see the movie when it opens at the Ahwatukee 24 theater on Friday, April 18!Marty Clapp

Please reconsider 'adult' adDear Editor:We've lived in Ahwatukee since 1991 and we're not that old or stodgy. We love reading the Ahwatukee Foothills News and enjoy the neighborhood it promotes.

However, the last Ahwatukee Foothills News full-page ad for Fascinations was a surprise. Since this is a family newspaper, we were perplexed why this type of "adult" store was displayed prominently. I'm sure many people still consider this more than offensive and morally wrong, or at the very least improper.

In our opinion, adult behavior should be as a positive role model to the younger generation, especially since there is so much sex our children are exposed to from every other media/print source. Please reconsider your additions to this family newspaper in the future to continue a safe environment.Patricia Bhatti


Whaller's letter is misguidingDear Editor:Even though I believe Mr. Whaller's letter to the editor titled "Electoral College should be abolished" in the April 2 edition is entirely sincere, unfortunately it is misguided as well.

For one, Whaller continues the myth that the United State of America is a democracy. We are not democracy we are a Republic. Many political experts have shown that a true democracy cannot last and will eventually turn into another form of government, most likely fascism or aristocracy.

Whaller mentions our founding fathers, but doesn't give them the credit they are due. Our founding fathers knew that a democracy allows for mob rule or that the majority is always able to repress the minority. The Electoral College is there specifically to eliminate simple majority rule.

An excellent example of this is the 17th amendment of the Constitution. Before this amendment, the senator's were elected into office by the state Legislature. The reason was that they were in D.C. to represent the state in federal matters. Now, senators are voted into office by popular vote.

Do you think your vote carries more power now? You would be wrong. Before the amendment, the state Legislature could remove senators if it was deemed that they were not representing the state appropriately. If a voter doesn't like what the senator is doing they could go to their state representative and ask for the senator's removal. If the representative declines, the voter can campaign against the representative to remove them from office to replace them with someone who will remove the senator.

Today, it is much easier to replace a state representative than a U.S. senator. The 17th amendment is exactly why 99 percent of U.S. senator elections result in an incumbent win. I like the pre-amendment system better. Before anyone joins or advocates a certain political group for a political belief, please research the history tied to that particular subject in order to understand the intent, purpose and reasoning for that particular issue. If you disagree with the intent, purpose of reasoning, then by all means use all your resources to make the change. I will be right behind you in support, even if I do not agree with you.Kevin Seplowitz

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