So many Democrats are having a change of heart about Obama-care. Now that the innards are falling out with increasing speed and 2012 is just around the corner, suddenly the Affordable Care Act is in need of “medical” attention. The long-term care provision will collapse on itself because although money will start being collected for it in 2012, no benefits will be paid until 2017. The $70 billion collected during those five years will finance other parts of Obama-care, a Ponzi scheme of the first order per Democrat Sen. Kent Conrad. Congress just abolished the 1099 requirement, especially harmful to small business. Nearly 800 waivers have been granted for Obama-care to allow companies not to abide by the law’s provisions. Of these waivers, 40 percent went to unions, which represent only 7 percent of American workers. Waivers were needed because hundreds of provisions in the new law make insurance more expensive and less accessible to millions of workers who previously purchased low-cost, low-coverage health insurance. If so many waivers are needed now, think of what will be necessary in 2013 when the mandates insurers must cover will be nearly three times the present-day cost.

Congress should not continue to make “fixes” to this onerous government health care law. They can’t fix the heavy hand of government and the rising costs that have already begun.

Better to repeal the entire law and begin market-driven, patient-centered health care reform. Otherwise, we’ll ALL need waivers.

Susan Leeper


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