As of Dec. 1, a state law will make sales of sparklers and certain other fireworks legal to those 16 and older. Some communities are adopting ordinances banning the sale of the devices, which is allowed under the law.

Tempe has banned residents from using consumer fireworks in the city, in response to a law the Legislature passed that makes it legal for people 16 and older to buy some kinds of fireworks as of Dec. 1.

The Tempe City Council voted unanimously on Thursday to prohibit the fireworks, as the new law allows cities to pass their own restrictions.

Tempe police responded to 135 calls for illegal fireworks in 2009 and public safety officials said they feared an increase in injuries or property damage if fireworks were legal in the city.

The state law allows sparklers and fireworks that do not fly above the ground or explode. Tempe's ban does not affect commercial fireworks displays.

Tempe's penalty for violating the fireworks ordinance is $250, and the city can recoup its expenses if emergency medical or fire services are needed while responding to an illegal fireworks call.

Mesa's City Council is on track to approve a similar ban.

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Well i'm not much of a drinker etc. but i sure won't be spending any money in Tempe,neither will alot of my friends. We will go to a city or town where we can at least use a sparkler.


Way to profit from the drunken bash you throw at the lake. Of course it sort of leaves a lot of us in the lurch unless we want to drive with the drunks. You keep throwing these drunken bashes, endangering all of us, and we can't use a sparkler on our own front lawn. Gee, you people are really such transparent crooks. We can't celebrate a holiday without you getting your piece of the action?

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