CHICAGO — Relatives of a Chicago woman who died in retirement in Mesa last month say they are afraid she will never have a proper burial because her ashes are missing in the mail.

The woman, 89-year-old Mabel Bink, died June 18, and a package containing her ashes was supposed to arrive July 19 in Chicago, in time for her scheduled July 23 burial.

A U.S. Postal Service official says records show the remains were processed in Phoenix and supposedly arrived in Chicago on a commercial flight earlier this month. But the package was still missing Wednesday.

Regina Armstrong of the U.S. Postal Service's local Consumer Affairs Office says postal officials in Phoenix are also on alert for the remains. Armstrong says an urn was recovered in Des Moines, Iowa, but it wasn't the right one.


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Oh, and another brilliant comment about "this is why people don't use the USPS anymore". Seriously? Have you taken a poll or something? Newsflash: my mother who is a clek at the post office is insanely busy each and every day!
Just another example of people blabbing their mouths with absolutely no proof to back that up!


Hey, Madblogger, Tbliss, and lightbeing: ARE YOU FOR REAL??? Here's a tip for the you: if something is IRREPLACABLE (i.e. a person's remains, family photo's) - DON'T SEND IT VIA MAIL!: ANY MAIL, whether it be FEd EX, UPS or USPS!!
Obviously you cannot declare a price on a person or their remains. Get real!
My mother works for the USPS (and has for 40, yes 40 years now), and while they are far from perfect, I am smart and sensible enough (common sense goes a long way!), to know I would NEVER EVER ship, mail precious photo's or the remains of a loved one. In fact, I'd get on a plane and bring them back myself for aproper burial. It goes to show how much these things and that person meant to the senders/receivers.
Oh, and FYI: my mother is not an overweight, overpaid slug.
Comments like this show me the mentality (or lack thereof), and no common sense of people out there.


Six years ago I sent my daughter two photo albums with 18 years worth of childhood pictures. She NEVER received them...and that was Priority Mail!! Their comment...'sorry it seems to be lost'.


FYI Madblogger- The USPS is the only agaency that will ship cremated remains. UPS and Fed EX will not ship them because the can't declare a value on them.


This is why most people don't use USPS anymore. They've become a bunch of overweight and overpaid slugs.

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