Allison Bowers
Allison Bowers

An 11-year-old student at Mesa's Hale Elementary School has died after being struck by a pickup truck driven by a 16-year-old.

Allison Bowers, a sixth-grader at Hale, was trailing behind her father and 8-year-old sister on Creston Road near Brown Road about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday when the truck struck her. She was taken to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead, according to police.

Neither speed nor impairment appear to be a factor in the crash, police said. The teen said he did not see the girl.

The school received word of Allison's death late Tuesday. Mesa Unified School District spokeswoman Kathy Bareiss said teachers were informed that evening and extra counselors were on hand Wednesday to help students throughout the day.

Allison's teacher, Vickie Ferguson, said, "She was a wonderful writer, and her stories described her family outings and activities. For an assignment at the beginning of the school year, the children had to select a hero. Allison chose her mother because of the time they shared cooking, painting and enjoying books together. Allison was fond of snow."

She enjoyed reading, writing and drawing. Ferguson also said that Allison loved to play tag with her father and three other siblings. Allison is survived by her parents, one younger sister and two brothers, one of whom is a student at Mesa's Mountain View High School.

To help show support for Allison's family, students drew pictures and made cards in school on Wednesday to give to the Bowers family, Bareiss said.

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Kelsie Novakovich

Nice to read this interesting article about brightfaces of people.


I know both the family and the boy that hit her; I got to school with the girl's brother and the 16 year old driver. The driver was not texting and driving, nor was he drunk, and has suffered greatly from this horrible accident; the boy just did not see her (whether it be from the sun or a dimly lit road or another car). Both families have suffered immensely. Stop piling guilt on the dad and the driver; they both already have enough guilt to deal with without people speculating and creating accusations which are completely incorrect. Accidents happen, but do not act superior to those and chastise those who make mistakes such as this one because every driver has been there: speeding around a car slowing down, being blinded by sunlight, having trouble seeing on a dimly lit road. Any of us could be put in this same situation at any time we are driving, it just so happens that this young man had the horrible fortune of being behind the wheel at this moment, but it could have just as easily have been you.


why did the dad take his kids bike riding on a busy street in the dark.
sunset 5:41 PM


I have it on good authority that the teen was NOT texting. It was a horrible accident.

Bereavement Counselor

My heart aches for each of these families. This is 1 block from our home. My brother was killed in a bicycle car accident. I have 4 sons, 3 who are driving age. I can't imagine the way life has been turned upside down for BOTH of these families.

For those who criticize the teen's driving, how dare you pile guilt on him. For those who criticize the Dad, how dare you pile guilt on him!

This is a VERY busy area with a dimly lit, unmarked intersection of 5 lanes of traffic. Going west there is a gradual uphill climb, and at that time the sun had set but the sky was very bright, leaving the driver "blinded" to anything. I know, I drive it at that time almost daily!

When a car slows down in this intersection, one would think they are turning. Over the years, I don't recall EVER seeing a driver slow down when the car ahead of them slows down. With 2 lanes going the SAME direction, the car behind gets in the other lane at the same speed they were traveling.

Not that texting has even been mentioned in the reports but:
Adult drivers texting are much more dangerous than teens simply because most teens can text without looking at the phone.

This was a "accident."Give it a rest.

May all those affected be comforted.

Look for yourself:,+3130+E+Brown+Rd,+Mesa+AZ&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=3130+E+Brown+Rd, +Mesa, +AZ+85213&gl=us&ei=RtvJTJO0AY_CsAOknNzWDg&sa=X&oi =geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CBYQ8gEwAA


As a mother of a teenager who does not have a phone lets not pass judgement before knowing all of the facts. I feel for the family but they should of been in a CROSSWALK. This teenager is also going through alot of emotional feelings lets all just keep them all in our PRAYERS AND STOP JUDGEING THEM. I would not want to be the Teen or the Father. AS a Christain my Prayers go out to both familes.


As a relative of this young girl, let's remember the family. They are in shock and morning the loss of their beautiful daughter. Whether the other driver was texting or not, an experienced driver would know that if a car in front of them had slowed down, there is a reason. The other driver should slow down and use caution instead of trying to "zip" around the slow car. He may not have been able to see Allison, but if he had slowed down or stopped like a responsible person and not tried to hurry around the other car, this may not have happened.


Where anywhere does it say this kid was texting????? And if it comes to be found out he was he should go down big time. I see more adults texting than I ever do kids so take that one BFR172.
Most of the stories I hear about texting or dialing numbers on their phones that cause accidents are adults. Condolences to both the families but especially the family of the 11 year old for their loss.


I agree that until we know the facts we should not point fingers. That being said, "distracted driving" is not only an epidemic of the young. My husband was just hit a few days ago on the 101 by a woman who was lost and trying to get directions via her phone. She left her lane and crashed into the side of his car.


I know that, however, just look at how many accidents recently involve someone swerving and rolling their car or head-on collisions in the middle of the day. You have to admit, these are happening more and more. Most of the time, the explanation is "reasons unknown". You and I both know that there is a serious epidemic going on in the world with distracted drivers. My point is young people are becoming so addicted to texting, etc. they cannot put down these devices for 5 minutes and do not have enough experience behind the wheel to realize that driving (especially in this city) really requires your complete attention at all times. I bike ride with my 10 year old daughter all of the time and we see how people drive at street level. We only ride on the sidewalk or bike path along canals etc. and will never ride in the bike lane in town. I know I went off on my first posting, but my heart aches for the family.


um - BFR172 - before you go off half cocked to hang the kid that did this. Let's make sure we get the facts. The indication is he went around a vehicle and did not see the trio crossing the street. It is a dimmly lit area and has been ever since, ever. I cannot imagine dealing wth the loss or delaing with the aftermath of the child that did it. There is blame to go around already on both sides. Could you imagine being the father of the little girl that died? I don't think i could forgive myself if either of my boys died on my watch. Let's make sure we get it right. If he was texting or drinking etc. he should pay the price, either way he has to live with this the rest of his life.



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